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  1. Hey blokes Got a g6e turbo with some annoying issue that I can't seem to solve (will be going to machanic next week, im away right now and can't do it). I'm hoping with the knowledge of the community I can get some sort of answer. I have the following codes P0133 02 sensor circut slow response bank 1 sensor 1 P0135 02 sensor heater circut bank 1 sensor 1 P0141 02 sensor heater circut bank 1 sensor 2 P1131 Lack of h0211 switches- sensor indicates lean (see p2195) I have tried replacing 02 sensors with oem ones, didn't change. I have checked wiring and cleaned terminals, hasn't changed. I am yet to test with a multimeter (busy working away) I'm sure it's not the anything engine related like injectors or any vacuum leaks etc. (Engine was recently rebuilt, long story short machanic f*cked up and I ended up getting a new donk :)) Any advice is welcomed and thanks in advanced
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