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  1. Fair few views of this one but no comments - I'm Guessing that they must be an odd ball type of wheel. Admins, I've probably put this in the wrong forum section - can I move it to the Wheels section?
  2. Don’t frequent the forum as much these days but this forum has been invaluable in the past. Made a donation by osko just then.
  3. Thanks masda! - all suggestions welcome. Ill start pulling things apart. Next post will probably be "how do I fix the things I clumsily broke...haha!
  4. Thanks again Lance - Disconnecting the battery fixes up the Sat Nav when it is "frozen" but hasn't helped with the redirecting problem. After about 10 minutes of driving, the Sat Nav goes haywire tells me its "redirecting" and places me on a different road to what I am actually driving on - same problem as Koze (post #6). Anyone have any suggestions before I go to my friendly ford dealer to go broke paying for them to troubleshoot it?
  5. Cheers lance - Ill have try when I get home tonight.
  6. hey Koze! Did you end up fixing the problem? I have the same thing going on with my 2012 FG Ser2 Ute...
  7. How come everything I write is coming up as if kb351wrote it.
  8. Yeah its always In the back of ya mind when owning jelly rods in a BA. Its a toss up between spending shed loads on mods or build it billet before ya start modding it. But if ya had the $4000 - $5000 for a built motor ya would put it towards a BF2 or FG. Meh.!!
  9. Universally handy for a zillion things. Never leave home without it It goes " keys, wallet, phone and shifter" before walking out the door.
  10. I only have std exhaust and dump at the moment with Venom cat pipe - only change I intend on getting is venom twin 2.5" My concern is that the swing valve appears to slightly catch on the lip of the port as it starts to close when operating by hand. Only just touches and doesn't seem to do it consistently - was that part of your issue? (providing that makes sense). The internal dimensions are slightly smaller and I'm not sure if that would help with low down response or add to boost control issues - happy to hear any feedback you have.
  11. Hey, thanks for the reply molch! So many views so few replies... I'm looking at a gt3582 and chasing about 360-380RWKW. Thanks for the offer but in between me first posting and now, the Mamba housing went on sale so I picked one up for $238 delivered. I'm not too sure about quality but will give feedback once I get moving on doing something.
  12. Hi all, I see that Mamba show that their turbine housings are already ported with 34mm wastegate hole. Would this just be simple swap out for a cracked OEM housing and remove the need for porting/wastegate flapper mods? Then just need to buy a suitable (12lb) actuator. If so it seems a pretty low cost option compared to buying an OEM housing and getting it modded, or even using an existing std housing that would require modding. Any one have experience with these housings? did you need to get extra housing mods done or just bolt on an away you go?
  13. I like your camera work you can't tell my car hasn't been cleaned for months!
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