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Found 5 results

  1. My 04' BA ute used to be the pride of chiptorque on the gold coast, and has been around for a long time by 4 different owners. I managed to track down the owners and get an idea of the history. I bought the car making 743rwhp (554rwkw) on E85, and 606rwhp (452rwkw) on pump98, but was in very sad shape. Maintenance had been neglected, needed ball joints, tyres, rackends, oil leak repairs, misfiring badly, sh*t matt black territory rims, 2 layers of tint darker than 5%, etc etc The car was running a Direct Clutch twin plate button, great clutch, but was taking its toll on me around town (car accident injuries).. After replacing the concentric slave, and master cylinder twice I had enough, and converted it to auto. After the conversion, took it out to Willowbank Raceway and promptly melted number 5 piston, which is found out through the previous owners, this is the 3rd time (still ran 11.3 on low boost, on 5 cylinders, backing off just after half track). Time for another rebuild. Going through the older dyno sheets, I found that the AFR's were as lean as 13.6:1 with thanks to 80lb injectors maxed out. ENGINE (*NEWLY PURCHASED) Nizpro crank girdle ARP bolts throughout ARP head studs Billet oil pump gears Hardened backing plate *JE custom forged pistons *JE chromoly rings SCAT rods *Powerbond Race Balancer *Atomic Simplex timing chain *Atomic stage 4.5 cams *Atomic valve springs *Atomic Ti retainers *Paul Gilbert ported and polished race head with oversized valves *Nizpro Plenum *2200cc Bosch Motorsport Injectors *Turbosmart FPR1200 *Plazmaman fuel rail Garrett T04Z, A/R1.15 84mm in / 66.7mm ex Nizpro stainless manifold *Turbosmart 50mm progate 4" defilipo exhaust Nizpro Stage 2 Intercooler kit Turbosmart BOV *Haltech Elite 2500 w/ flex sensor *Innovate wideband AFR meter w/ data log and linked to haltech for auto tune *FG coils DRIVELINE Precise Automatic 1500hp reverse pattern TH400 w/ transbrake Torque Power Bellhousing Converter Shop 3500rpm stall Hardy Spicer tailshaft 2.73 M86 diff that has suprising put up with the abuse (soon to have a TruTrac centre, to make do while I put pennies away for the 9" conversion) TCI outlaw shifter THE REST Koni adjustables all round Low King spring front, Reset leafs rear Territory front rotors 18x11 & 18x8 Work Emotion rims, 275/40 & 245/45 Federal RSR -- 275/40/17 et street on BF XR6 rims -- 275/65/15 et street pro on ProStar 15x10 5.5" BS F6 Typhoon frp front bar Genuine hardlid 35% tint FPV FG rocker cover
  2. This may need to go to the modification & workshop section. sorry. Hi everyone. First post but I've been a long time lurker. I'm a proud owner of a MKI BF XR6 turbo and am planning a few budget mods. I welcome a few hard opinions and ideas from you guys to see if I'm close to the right track and I've got a few questions too. The car is going to be kept fairly sleeper by the looks of it. First a bit about the car. 144,000km, Second owner and was owned by a middle aged couple with kids. The guys wife mainly drove the car and I'd be surprised if it's ever popped a skid. the car has a build date of 29 may (05/06) so there is a chance it has the upgraded bottom end after the 06/06 turbos. It doesn't really make a difference for my situation anyway. I've got new genuine spark plugs and coils and an earls oil line for the turbo. transmission and diff are serviced. Anyway I've priced the total build to about $2700-$3000 and this should hopefully net me around 280-310ish RWKW which is my goal... we'll see. Parts include Exhaust: $180 4inch 100cell Venom catalytic converter - welded in place of the stock. Option to straight pipe middle muffler either from a shop or $250 venom bolt on from ebay. The catalytic converter should be enough on it's own but that cat with straight pipes would be pretty nice. Standard dump. Induction: K&N panel filter, XR8 snorkel $80 from eBay and a second pipe from the bottom of the airbox that I'll make myself. eBay intercooler $150-$180... I know I know they are pretty rubbish and I'll get heat soak pretty quickly but worst case I'll upgrade it later on and I've lost $150 and a touch up tune, not the end of the world. I'm tempted to keep the stock one but it's seen better days. Stage 1 tune offered by a few tuners $2300 and includes 1000cc injectors, spark plug gap, cooler thermostat, custom tune and a few other things) So that's about $2700-$3000. And then maybe: Fuel pump - Walbro 255 for $160 valve springs $850 - although they are upgraded from the BA motor the car has done a few km's I'm thinking of doing this a bit later on. Plazmaman stage 2 intercooler for $1400 with under battery intake All in all these modifications are there to supplement the stage one, I can't justify spending a quoted "$7500" for a stage 2 on a car that is worth around the same amount. I'd rather put that money towards a stock F6. If I can pull something decent from this I've successfully built a quick(er) 6 speed ZF falcon for around 10 grand. I'm in WA for now. Couple of questions So honest opinions... is it total crap? call me what you like but from all the research I've done this should get me close to 280-310rwkw. I know a lot of people will say do it right or not at all but I'd rather pick up the tools, take a challenge and do it on the cheap with a few small compromises. Would I get away with not doing the valve springs at least for now? I've been told a 5 inch cat would be better but I figure without doing more exhaust work there's no point, this should give a decent improvement over stock. I can get a 5 inch bolt on for $650 Are there better inexpensive intercooler options? Any ideas or experience. Thanks for reading.
  3. just wondering how anyone else gets their mod power to the ground.. just plugged in the sct box today and realised there is 2 custom tunes, (I have only recently bought the car) so anyway, the car has been running on the 'less' power tune, still breaks traction and steps sideways and boosts up, throws you back in the seat. but having seen a 'more' power tune on there, curiosity got the better of me (raises eyebrows, lol) so I retuned it and went for a drive, CRIKEY!!!..... the thing is wheel spinning all over the place!! yes it goes harder after you get past the wheel spin (even with traction/stability on) but look at the ground lost whilst spinning.. so I retuned it to 'less' ..! the 'more' is 369.8 rwkw and the 'less' is 337rwkw
  4. hey guys just wanting some advice, I have a ba mkii xr6t and am looking to get my car dyno tuned soon I am in bendigo and was wanting to know where the best place to get a tune would be preferably close also what sort of figures would I be looking at ? and what other things would be a helpful mod. chasing upwards of 300rwkw and I will be happy currently I have Rapid systems intercooler Plazmaman intake plenum 60lb Seimens injectors* Aeromotive 700hp intank fuel pump 5" Venom stainless steel cat* 4'' KnN Intake pod filter with battery relocated to boot 3" Cold side pipeing Nizpro HD valve springs *waiting till custum tune befor fitting
  5. Gday just got my ba xr6 t dyno tuned at bta automotive and it got 246rwkw and 824 nm ,torque or what ever its called ..is this average ,below average ?? just curious its auto but stock as a rock. also now my rev limiter sounds different it splutters ,dosnt sound like it used to before the tune and is also set to factory rev cut ?? thanks

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