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    ouch poor bugger, glad hes ok though. we have had a fair share of hospital visits too.
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    Auto cooler sits exactly where your oil pressure sensor is. The oil feed/filter that goes into the block is the same, however instead of having a adapter for the banjo/oil pressure sensor it has an end cap, just for securing the banjo. directly of the terry oil line there is a fitting where the oil pressure sensor sits. I have removed my stock auto cooler and placed a normal xr6 oil pressure sensor threaded fitting onto the block fitting and using a standard braided oil feed for turbo. heres a picture I took, its quite bad but you can just see the oil fitting and the territory sideways oil pressure sensor.
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    Furthest back, exhaust side collets. Took a few goes to get the magnet, long screwdriver, tool and my finger in the right spot for that bad boy haha. Another pointer for others. Do the ones at the back of the cylinder before the front, as you feed the collets in where the front springs would be. Also I used a jewelers magnet. Nice and small tip like 3mm, but easily strong enough to pick up collets. New Atomic springs back in, engine timed back up. Seals and such will be here Monday. Hopefully running soon after
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    did you at least ask her the next question... "how do you reinforce positive behaviours without contrast with either ignoring or punishing bad behaviours"?
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    Pussy here. Drive smarter, not harder.
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    They don't make power at 6k, and no need to smash them off the limiter. Maybe just drive better, rather then "not like a pussy"
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    Made 55.21 kWh today. Cos of the weather and season, the inverter only went to 95ish%. Should make more tomorrow. New roof and insulation meant aircon wasn't needed, even though it got to 31c here today. House inside got to 24c.
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