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Retarded timing

Frank Castle 85

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Hey folks, 


Does anyone have an idea what could possibly be throwing my timing out so bad from pos 17 to neg 57 when getting to temp and idling it chokes the car out to stall?


I've replaced, ECU with Haltech, replaced the Cam phaser on the exhaust side (from one of the codes throwing up saying that was that - wasn't, swapped it to intake side and still did the same thing), changed all cam sensors with brand new ones. But yet, for some reason, we can't figure out why the car at idle retards the timing so bad, earth straps are all in their right locations. The tuner had my car for two weeks and didn't charge me anything as they could not find the problem. The timing is all bang on perfect. IT was doing this prior to me doing bottom upgrade to bigger rods and pistons. 


Next question, has anyone blocked off their Cam Phasers and what happened when you did?


Thanks in advance legends. 

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he's probably realistically asking if you replaced the cam phaser itself? when you installed the replacement, did you follow the correct procedure?

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Yeah did all that, my mechanic was there for everything as well. Thought I'd turn to a place that's been helpful in the past with a wealth of knowledge and see if anyone encountered a similar problem and how they fixed it.


In the OG post, I did mention that the Tuner didn't charge me for any of their work as they couldn't fix it and they had the car for two weeks. The tuner is a reputable tuner and race car builder that's been in the game for 30 years. So, I'm at an end and seeing if anyone has down a VCT delete and how the car reacted after the delete.

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As I mentioned the cam timing was fixed and the problems went away. The motor also produced more power and performed more consistently.


In my instance it was just more gains everywhere.


If your having these issues just lock the cam timing, problem solved.


It could be oiling related, and it just might not be able to be tuned out as such.

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