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Retarded timing

Frank Castle 85

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Alrighty all, here's the update:


So, I finally got around to fixing the engine. As I mentioned earlier, I slapped a new head on, all the bells and bigger whistles put into it, blah, blah, blah.


Now, on Sunday just been (9th of Jan 2022), I pulled the rocker cover off to see if I had somehow placed the cams in the wrong way, I didn't, next thing I checked was the timing, I rotated the engine over 34 times to get it bang on. On inspection of the crank sprocket, the mark on the chain was one tooth out, so it had skipped. The second thing I noticed was the intake cam was in the correct position at 12 o'clock and the exhaust cam was at the 11 o'clock position. So this explains everything, fixed it and guess what, the car runs like it did prior to the inept mechanic who put three valves springs upside down ( I text him once a month asking, "How?" HAHA). 


So, the timing retarding issue has finally been fixed and sounds like the former glory. Next problem, when the thermo fans come on the car would either switch off or run real rough not like in the lame ghost cam way - worse. The Haltec was throwing all kinds of codes mainly cruise control codes. Couldn't work out why. All by accident, I placed my hand on my Haltec and f**k me, I could cook bacon and eggs on it. Found the setting on the laptop and it was telling me the Haltec was at 80 degrees. Got an air blower straight onto it and it cooled down rather quickly. After four hours of trying to get the car stated it, just wouldn't. Continued drinking and had a good night.


The next day on the phone to Haltec and well, the legends they are, are the legends the are. Fixed everything via remote login. The Haltec is being sent back, they're do their magic and once I get the Haltec back then bammmmm straight onto the dyno for a tune. 


Once again, thank you for everyones input over the time/ length of this post. I took all comments in and it reassured me, everything I was doing was correct and believe it or not, it pointed me in the right direction when I took your comment on board. 


A long and costly process, but never-the-less, great outcome. 


Thought I would update and hope this post and comment/s helps those that are ever chasing a similar issue/ problem. 

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I'd be pissed. Your first post said you checked the timing. Literally the first post.

Then you spent a but load of money and time to come back to the timing being out.

Name and shame thes useless people for everyone else to avoid.

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