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Seems my memory is worse than I thought... It's the front two screws I've used the washers on (last picture for the close up).1st is looking straight at the scoop, it sits slightly proud but I couldn't do anything to fix this! 2nd is the two screws either side which were the ones that turned to dust on my first scoop. So brittle!
I'll try and find a pic of when I had no scoop and just plastidipped it. 697b42486c70ae8cd652d810bd735a78.jpg6b93d4b73297a720f301de20761bb982.jpg6b72100e5a7befc3d173499264adab96.jpg8f9e214960013664e7851671bd4cc6e5.jpg

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Did some tuning today. Apparently gapping the plugs did the trick cos straight away it ran up 605awkw with no tune changes.   I frigged around with fuel and boost and this and that, and mana

Got to the dyno today and it went pretty much as I expected. The exhaust showed to be a huge restriction but we all knew that anyway. The first run right off the bat showed 367awkw on 16psi and

Finally dropped the exhaust on the dyno today. With no tune changes it went from 350 to 385awkw and picked up nearly 3 seconds of spool time. That is probably more to do with having more wg preload, r

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Emptied the bong water out of the catch can today.


Fitted the alloy header tank.


Fixed my windscreen washer pump seal.


I fixed the fuel a bit on the dyno last night and it ran up 602awkw on 32psi at the tip.


Went to launch it today and the farken gfb recirc valve fell apart. I found the spring and plunger on the side of the road and the top was still attached to the vac hose.


Hopefully that's the end of sh*t falling off or breaking for a while :chefburn:

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Welded another O2 bung into the dump this afternoon. Now I have a wideband and the stock narrowband in place.


The trans is getting less happy by the day so that's the next thing I'm gunna have a crack at.


Also had a 3 inch alloy bend arrive in the post but I probably should have bought a 2.5 inch. Oh well I guess I can go with the 3 inch for the turbo outlet.

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Why don't you use the post cat O2 port for your wideband and give the flick to the current sensor that's there?
I'm still looking for that no scoop bonnet pic also... Only 1200 odd more pics to go!

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I've got a custom 4 inch exhaust, hand made from the turbo back. There aren't O2 bungs unless I put them there. It's working pretty good now that both sensors are in there.


Meh the scoop hole looks like a robot pussy that has done the rounds on a Saturday night.

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