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BF Mk 2, unopened, not stock turbo anymore

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Just got my BF Mk2 tuned.


Usual mods - fuel system, plazmaman cooler and plenum, valve springs, oil pump gears, 4" exhaust etc. Stock GT3582r. Will get some engine bay pics when I get the rocker cover powder coated, it's currently missing paint where the catch can AN fittings have been welded on.


Will let the pic speak. You can see she tapers off, the stock turbo is on full send. 



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Yep, there abouts. 

It's pretty lazy on 98 compared to e85, but it's super safe, and still turns the 275 Nitto NT05s on the back.


I actually got two low boost tunes too. It makes 320rwkw on 10psi 98 and 370rwkw on 12psi e85. 


Plenum makes it breath a lot better, but I think it's pushed boost threshold up around 200rpm. The tuner said this was one of those cars where everything seems to come together well to make power with modest boost. I guess that's what you aim for hey

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So finally got around to driving the high boost e85 tune. Still haven't fixed all the issues since visiting that particular workshop. 

But here's the verdict. The car feels slower than the previous CMS tune which was apparently 399rwkw. It doesn't fry the tyres in second gear, let alone third, which it did previously. 

I've had an independent check done on engine health etc. It's perfect, 200psi across all cylinders, so nothing to do with that. Maybe the clutch is struggling, but it's not coincidence that everything went backwards after he car came into contact with this workshop. 

Beware guys, I'm not the only one that's had issues with tunes coming from this workshop... It's not what it once was I'm told

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I've spoken to Joe, and despite apologies I'm still well out of pocket. I've since moved from Sydney, so no way of taking back again. The point is, you shouldn't have to take your car back several times if a workshop does a good job in the first place. All I can do in this instance is try and move on, and share the experience so that others can make informed decisions about where they spend their money. 

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Car now has a Haltech, intake was pulled, gaskets replaced, and battery moved to boot. Basically everything the previous workshop touched was redone and fixed. 

Sooooo much better. Tune needs a little more work, but it's actually fun to drive now. 

Power figures were around 360kw on 98, 430kw on e85, flex enabled. 

No more misfire! They actually did some troubleshooting and found the primary issue to be the back cam sensor. The sensor was brand new, but the plug was replaced. 

Expensive journey, but such is playing with cars

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Yes, unfortunately. Usual valve springs, oil pump gears etc. I probably should have elaborated, but I did that in the turbo thread.


Basically, nobody expected the setup to make that power. Everybody assumed the G35 would need more boost. So it's been turned down significantly to around 440kw, which is still a stretch for the npc single plate...


Anyway, I think I've mentioned elsewhere, but the turbo setup is as follows:

- G35-900 1.01 Vband rear

- 6 boost manifold, hpc coated

- 60mm gen V external gate, plumbed back in

- 4" dump, 3.5" over the rear cradle

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