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  1. Golden rule of buying used modified car as far as Im concerned. Get it up on a dyno and check those AFR's , duty cycles, pressures etc. You might have got a bargain, but for a couple hundred more you'll either know you got a great bargain, or managed to avoid a big fix by spending small money on a small fix. I hope you got a great bargain!
  2. Im a very special type of tin foil hat wearer.
  3. I thought this was a trick to make peoples solenoid hoses slide off under boost (WD40) and therefore making the car boost as much as the wastegate wants too, seeing as the hoses dont have proper clamps on them. Meh what do I know....
  4. I have no idea. But I am curious why you would want a manual tow car.
  5. Ive been thinking along the same lines. I sit way too far back (6'5" and half Samoan) to even reach the damn thing. Like the toilet in an asian airline, Ive never used it.
  6. What do I do with the $1497 left over that Ive been saving though??? Oyyy veyyy!
  7. Sweet. They should be under $1499 by now too.
  8. Im going to have a crack at this.
  9. Does this set the turbo location back towards the firewall a bit? How much do you think/did you measure if so?
  10. Ive got a slight harmonic at 80km/h. Had the tailshaft and centre bearing done recently as very good workshop. Could be fuggin anything!
  11. Well, it works! Been driving it for four days and will drive it one more to get some heat through all the bits that need to 'settle in' before I go back and re tororque the fasteners as JETURBO says I should. It's on the factory tune still, so very gently letting it come on boost and heat up everything. It seems fine though Im not giving it w.o.t. anytime until it gets on a dyno. Injectors next, and a new cat pipe as mine is making funny noises. Then it will be an intercooler and dyno. Ive had to "custom" make an intake pipe step down for the 4" inlet, as there is no way to fit a regular silicone one on and still clear the PS pump. Other than that, Im looking forward to some reliable p.s.I. in the near future!
  12. How important is correct angle of the CHRA when mounted? I could probably get the actuator mounts in the right spot if I could turn the cartridge anti clockwise a bit. Is this allowed?
  13. That's cars eh? It will get sorted, and probably in a way that was staring at me the whole time. Noob life yo.
  14. Lol, cancel that. I just cant get the GTX2 actuator to clear. The old actuator bracket doesnt fit as the factory 3582 has smaller spacing between the comp housing bolts. The factory GTX2 bracket is too far out from the cover meaning the rods fouls the engine mount. I can make it clear by rotating to comp cover but the my piping wont fit at all. I got a bracket fron Intune which put the actuator in the perfect position and angle, but it too is for the smaller 3582 oem cover spacing. Its looking like a custom bracket now, no big deal. So close, I can taste it!
  15. Can confirm, 3576 does bolt up :) Ive been so slack guys, had a bit of a roller coaster this month. What can I say, life comes at you fast. Anyway, its all aligned and ready to be fired up. My goodness, I've never appreciated whats involved in correctly clocking a the turbocharger on a barra motor, wastegate actuator rod clearance etc! Man I've had that manifold on and off so many times!

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