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  1. Ill see ya in a bit. "JizzFlinger"
  2. Optilocks and a VxFreedom. Nice setup mate. You'll never be let down by that combo. Tikkas are smooth and live forever.
  3. Love taking the kids out for a shoot. From L to R we have DeShaun, Latesha, LaCquanda, Datshike, MikeMike40, DeRay, Steve, Commander Rockwell, Sally.....
  4. Im looking at all options mate. Send me a detailed message.
  5. that's the thing, my existing head has +254 thousand k's on it. Im thinking that when a new short motor is going in, it would pay to fix and upgrade a lot of existing components. I mean Im going to need a full gasket kit, might as well do studs, overhaul cylinder head, timing chain kit and balancer...then the assembly. Does this make sense or am I overthinking it?
  6. Goody. Its a long way to exchange things from up here.
  7. Has anyone got one? Seen one or know much about them? They seem like excellent value at around 9500 shekels. Im doing my sums on bottom end replacement as there are now over 250,000 reasons to contemplate a failure, and when you consider the time and extra parts needed when fitting a shortblock, and still having an old 250k head, the long motors start looking VERY attractive. Just looking at the Atomic site, geez he makes some gear for the barras.
  8. In regards to having a ZF built up for big torque increases: Can you use a NON turbo Territory AWD ZF as a donor, or do you need to start with the turbo model ZF if you are looking to build one up for your Territory Turbo Ghia? IIRC the differences were only the number and material type of clutches?
  9. To think all these years I could have been playing with the big boys but instead I was playing with JZ's.
  10. Wow, am I reading that correctly as ~16psi makes 373rwkw on the factory huffer with 98ron? What does it feel like to drive?
  11. I just wish I had more time and money to do all the other stuff it needed doing. But meh, who even uses brakes amirite? The trailer slowed it down more than enough.
  12. I had a good experience at Pit Lane while I was in Melbourne. I was there for repairs, and they know these cars inside out. Very thorough and accurate.
  13. ^^ that's one of the least ugly ones Ive seen. Very hard to find nice ones eh? Might have to go and play with a bucket of fibreglass from bunnings. Im looking for a solution as well.
  14. Noob question: How do you semi forge something? Im guessing its gravity cast into a cylinder and bashed inton its final shape?

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