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  1. So I'll probably phone Bayford or Jefferson on Tuesday morning for a new one. Heading through the bush back to a mates place on gravel. Up hill and there was a speed hump sized crest I didn't see and hit it at speed. My shocks and springs are quite soft all round from towing horse floats and she went WHACK. Pulled over immediately and she bled all over the place. Left it where it is, tow truck on Tuesday maybe. Its bent with a small slit, so hopefully the pick up is good. Do you guys think there is anything needed apart from a pan and gaskets?
  2. Id love to own a nice timepiece, but my job is filthy and sweaty. Casio it is for now
  3. What am I looking at here? Edit: Nevermind.
  4. Cracked turbine housing in the flapper area and between the dump pipe holes. Could have a new housing for ~$950 but 250,000kms I figured get something nice.
  5. I forgot to add, this was exactly how it went down. Anyone wanting to put a GTX Gen 2 turbocharger on a B series manifold in a territory, you can do it easily by drilling new holes in the old actuator bracket. You can use the old actuator as well, and it fits with approximately 3mm of preload which is a tad more than required (use a persuadertron to relieve it if you want). I'll add a photo when Im back under it again as it will show you exactly where I drilled. Using the supplied GTX Gen 2 bracket is basically impossible due to the locations of the fastener bosses cast into the cover, they aren't in the same place as the OEM turbocharger.
  6. Does such a thing exist for the Territory? Im out of space trying to get an intake to work with the big 4" compressor cover and I dont really want a battery in the cargo area.
  7. My car is 2007 and who knows how long the pump has been in there (250,000kms). I dont plan on running more than 12 pounds either.
  8. Just checkin back in. I replaced the cat pipe which was leaking and I figured why not just replace the whole lot. $650 or thereabouts for a big stainless one from Venom Exhausts. Bolted in absolutely perfectly, cleared everything and all gaskets and fasteners supplied. Boy has that got rid of the farty leak sound and given me a nice throaty burble. Checked the first muffler pipe and someone has de-bunged it already. Car revs easier now, seems happier! Have injectors and a fuel pump on the way. Went with the regular 255lph Walbro and some 42Lb Bosch injectors. Keeping it moderate. Keeping it sane. For now...
  9. Golden rule of buying used modified car as far as Im concerned. Get it up on a dyno and check those AFR's , duty cycles, pressures etc. You might have got a bargain, but for a couple hundred more you'll either know you got a great bargain, or managed to avoid a big fix by spending small money on a small fix. I hope you got a great bargain!
  10. Im a very special type of tin foil hat wearer.
  11. I thought this was a trick to make peoples solenoid hoses slide off under boost (WD40) and therefore making the car boost as much as the wastegate wants too, seeing as the hoses dont have proper clamps on them. Meh what do I know....
  12. I have no idea. But I am curious why you would want a manual tow car.
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