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One of the few negative things l have read about the XR6T is the potential insurance cost.

l was pleasently suprised when l went into our local RACV branch last week to get a quote on our XR6T, l was quoted only $481 (our current car, a TS50 is also with the RACV at $850) Should mention we live in country vic, l am 32, my wife 27 and we are both rating 1. Makes me wonder what all the fuss is about, l guess the WRX can be ridiculous to insure, so the XR6T was assumed to be in the same basket.

So how has everyone else got on with insurance? Have you been able to better my RACV quote?

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I don't think they'll get rid of you per se they just increase your premium to a point at which you will leave of your own accord. I know 50 year old that has written off at least 7 vehicles (all at

Rac decided that after round 2 of mods, that they would no longer insure me. I thought I better call shanons as I doubt anyone would insure me. They quoted me below 1K and that is including

OK, so a lot of you know that I'm 50 and live outside of the Adelaide metro area, and after saying (or in some ways, braging) how AAMI was only costing me $384 per year for a stock '10 g6et with a $45

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I got an online quote with NRMA for about $780. I'm actually with AAMI and as an existing customer the quote I expect will be cheaper - somewhere between $600-$700.

Age does have something to do with the quotes but so does location, popularity of the car to steal, repair costs etc. My other car is a 200SX which I believe is quite pricey to insure in Sydney but living up on the Gold Coast it only costs $620 a year.

Incidentally, I'm 27 and the 200SX is registered with my wife as the primary driver at 32. Both have Rating 1 for life.

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Rating 1 for past 3 years, wife for longer....

AAMI - 1200

RACV - 1100

Ford Insurance - 1500

National Aust Bank (Allianz) who ia am with for 2 cars and a house so I get a 5% multi-policy discount - $2400!!!

Guess who just lost a customer!!!!!!

Live in North West Of Melbourne in the Suburbs Im 30, wife is 29..

And they say crime don't pay.. Should have went into Insurance... :unsure: B)

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$2400 NRMA

$2150 Ford Insure

$4500 AAMI (and i laughed at the guy when he told me) :D

Ended up going with Ford Insure. 60% No Claim Bonus.

And im 25 from Sydney

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Hmmm...I think last time I checked it was around the $2300 mark from NRMA for me...I'm 23 from Sydney, and that was quite reasonable compared to what I pay for the Corolla unfortunately, damn yet another reason to look at trading up :(

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Hi Cro,

that's just ridiculous.

They obviously dont want your custom. that's nearly 10% of the cars replacement value.

Do you intend going for the turbo, or are you now looking at other car options? Tried many oter insurers?

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Mondie, I want the turbo, I love fast cars, and XR6T is perfect for us, family car, fast enough, I like manual but my wife doesn't, so the SSS is perfect.

We were looking at the Subaru Libery B4, but it was too expensive, not as big as the XR, and the fact that even in sportshift mode if you go over a certain amount of rev's it changes gears for you.

NRMA was the cheapest I could find.

Just cars quoted me around $12,500, AAMI won't insure anyone with a Turbo that is under 25, GIO doesn't want to know me either.

I don't know of any other insurance agencies to try, if you can shed some light on this, I'd appreciate it.

I was previously insured with NRMA for my 1.6L 4cyl 2000 Pulsar. Cost me $2500 a year for it, but when it got stolen they quoted me $5800 to re-insure it if I got the same model car again.

I don't know how they work out their pricing structure, because when I asked how much to insure the Libery B4 twin turbo 2.0L, they quoted me $4800.

Edit: Ford Insurance just gave me a quote of $4182.

Not a big improvment, but every little bit helps. :)

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I think Melbourne's cheaper than Sydney.

Hey Cro - have you considered purchasing the car through Prosperion They're a Novated Leasing Company so if you or your wife's employer will go for it, you can pay for the car with tax free dollars and your insurance will bea flat $1000, paid for with pre-tax dollars.

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DZ, I just got off the phone with Prosperion, this deal sounds awesome! I love it, never heard anything better.

Thanks heaps for that! :)

Whats the deal with them? It looks pretty good.

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If you're company does Novated Leasing you basically do a thing where part of your loan/lease payments and all of your car expenses are paid for with pre-tax dollars - tyres, fuel, insurance, registration etc.

From the tax office's perspective, your employer is leasing the car. From your employer's perspective, they are increasing your salary without having to pay you anymore cash by giving you tax deductions you would otherwise not be entitled to, while lowering their payroll tax bill.

From Prosperion's view, they take a management fee and commissions on the services they provide - three way win win situation. If you purchase the car through them you can also get Fleet discount deals I believe.

It's a bit more complex than that - there's a Fringe Benefits thing that has to be considered but for the majority of people, particularly those on higher incomes you usually end up with more cash in your pocket - or a car you couldn't otherwise afford.

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Draggin an old topic back up:

Got a few quotes today.

Rating 1

32 year old driver.

AAMI - $817.00 (dont have monthly payments :cry: )

Ford Insure - $867.17 (same as above.....)

RACV - $875.68 - $79.63 a month (+ join the club $50 i think) <- ranking no.1 so far with me. :yes:

Suncorp Metway - $901.85

CGU - $1204.00

and a long shot my current insurer:

Shannon's - $1400.00 :rolleyes:

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I live in Sunbury (Vic). XR6T Auto. Rating 1 NCB etc

RACV are $820

AAMI are $734

Alianz - They said that they would not insure a XR6T at all. No matter where I live...

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