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  1. I spent the day punting around the Snowy Mountains in a hire car on Tuesday. 360 odd k loop from Jindabyne to Khancoban, Cabramurra and then via Adaminaby back to Jindabyne. The SV6 was pretty asthmatic at that altitude and more than once I wished for my ute. But still good fun anyway. Hope these photos work
  2. I vote for bent axle too. Mine tramped at the drags one time and that was it. Here's one I prepared earlier.
  3. May 17 is boost night at the Motorplex. $20 to race your turbo.
  4. I'm away east 13th to 21st, but don't wait for me. Besides, I just washed my car and it looks so good, I don't know if I want to be seen with the likes of you lot.
  5. Made another change to the daily. I replaced the factory handlybars with a Ducati S2R bar when I first got the bike because I hate clip ons on a road bike. But the bend was weird and didn't really suit me. So my mate chucked me this bar the other week and I fitted it yesterday. Heaps better bend and more upright position. More leverage for hauling the big girl around the 6 or 7 corners we have here in WA.
  6. The forecast looks okay on the BOM site. Bit of rain Wednesday or Thursday and then just cold. Cross winds are not fun though. We're only running mod bike so I'm just in it for the lols now. And maybe the BB/MB record.
  7. Hahaha yeah we did well. Set the National Record for DD comp bike too which they failed to mention. Racing in Radelaide this weekend in the grand final for the Summit series. Unfortunately there's not enough entries to run a comp bike round so we're running in modified bike instead.
  8. Carbon fibre is so nice. But with so many people selling it these days, it's hard to find the good stuff.
  9. You mean Gonz from the torque converter place? I did actually race against him a few years back on his road bike. I think I won the night and he came second.... or was it the other way round ? I can't see me getting 1.23 in the 60. Not with only a 7" tyre and me weighing as much as a small car :(
  10. 1.31 in the 60 so far. Hoping to get into the 1.2X's at some point.
  11. To give you an idea. Here's an 8.40 I ran in January in the comp bike final. 9psi on the two step, 11psi in first and ramping to 14.5 in 2nd onwards. Now its ramping to 17.
  12. While some of you guys were ripping it up at Racewars, I was doing pretty well at the Westernationals in Group 2 - Competition Bike. We top qualiified, won the round and the gold Christmas Tree (the holy grail of aussie drag racing) and reset the national record for DD/CBI to 8.339. I also ran 0.2mph off the national record terminal speed at 164.8mph. I've now got the WA Comp Bike track championship in the bag with one more round to go and at the end of the month we go to Adelaide and try to tie up the National Chmpionship. (both championships are a bit weak this season, but I'll take it) Next season's goal is to run a 7 and crack 170 mph, then we'll be proper fast!
  13. I need to do some work to my ute before the next down south run. I want to raise the front a little, I must have hit the bump stops a dozen times on the last run. I need to change my front rotors and I'm also considering a new Manta dump pipe. The current one is apparently a Chinese thing that's already been welded up once, so I don't trust it. Race season finishes early April so will start planning those things and ticking off my mental list of things to do. Maybe I'll refit my stock wheels just for a change. General knowledge question. Are FPV seats different to XR6 seats? More lateral support would be good.
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