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  1. I might see you guys there if I can leave work on time.
  2. Anyone thinking of going to the Motorplex this Wednesday for Street king? Like most things now days I suppose it will depend on the weather.
  3. It's a shame about the weather. See how it goes as you say. Inbox cleared!
  4. Anyone else looking at attending Laser Tag? How many people do they have currently Steve? I'm keen to watch the roll races. Not brave enough to enter as a participant.
  5. You, Steve, Arron and me so far.
  6. I have to first ask my tail shaft how she feels before I consider going to the Motorplex. Get the feeling she won't be up to it...
  7. 5 bucks in just 1 day... what will it end up being by the 20th?
  8. hmm, ill put my hand up for laser tag and watching some roll racing. Laser place in Joondalup?
  9. Sounds like a very slippery Tuna Fish! Go to Rob from MT!
  10. I'm keen for a cruise. Been more than a year since the last one I attended. I'll be showing my face more now that Im working in Australia again. Any chance you will be attending the cruise Kyle? Are people free on the 13th of May? Also day or night cruise? Show of hands!
  11. Makes me wish I was there all over again.
  12. The best I've done so far was a 12.2 in 2015
  13. Will there be another BWAWE trip planned for this year?
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