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  1. 1.56 60ft with Monsta Torque built box and Allfast converter unlocked and launch in 2nd gear. Hard on foot brake to around 3600-3800rpm. Was a 9.61 second pass.
  2. As said, if you are in Perth either XFT or Monsta Torque, I personally would go with Monsta Torque cheaper and better after care imo. But both are reputable. I am running the billet mustang shaft in mine and it is awesome. But I think you are under estimating by saying it can be done in 2 hours, it is a fairly large job! And if you are going to that effort then I highly suggest you throw a Allfast converter in it. Give you the stall speed, ability to lock or unlock it and retains the street friendliness unlike other converters on the market. It is also about 1/3rd of the price. Also a Cyro intermediate shaft will be fine.
  3. Without data logging the only way to make safe adjustments is to look at the spark plug burns. All of his cars performed flawlessly apart from mine. I believe it's a fuel pump issue and decided it was best to leave it until we got it home and have a look. Better safe than sorry. Ran a 278 on the first run of the 800m. The F6E managed 293.51 and as we know the Purple F6 ran a 302. There was a few standard motor XR, G6 and F6's which all made 250+kph which is a awesome achievement. Traction was a struggle all weekend, but it was still better than we all expected. Was a good weekend and happy to see that everyone was safe!
  4. Auto one should have them this morning mate, they are open early for people racing.
  5. I didn't even get given copies of my form!!
  6. Haha funny you say that, they complained about mine being on the full mark. Saying it should be slightly below. What a joke.
  7. The thing stopping me is this 3l catch can business! Will need to move the battery to the boot I think. And $80 is expensive considering how much it cost to enter the the even.
  8. What's the Go with the whole passenger thing? Can anyone do it or do they need to purchase a passenger ticket etc?
  9. Yeah mate mine is in there getting ready now.
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