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  1. nah she has a new optima yellow top in her..
  2. So I have a system comms fault that comms up whilst I am driving... when this happens the car will usually continue to accelerate even with my foot off the accelerator, or when slowing down and pushing the clutch in the car will start to rev or the revs surge.. If I turn the ignition off and back on the fault resets but generally comes back soon after.. anyone know what this could be? I am thinking maybe a TPS issue... It used to happen once in a blue moon now it happens every time I drive it more than 15 minutes..
  3. have you been beating up on it? when my oil pressure light came on it was due to my oil pump gears being smashed from some limiter bashing on a track day...
  4. Cheers mate. yea I have spoken to Rob but it is always good to hear what the customers actually say
  5. who in here has a monsta torque stage 2 engine? what power are you currently making with it? I know it all depends on your supporting mods, im just curious to what people are pulling with their stage 2 engine as I am contemplating making the jump... Cheers
  6. Hey guys I am looking at running my car back on 98.. besides the tune for 98 fuel do I need to do anything else other than drain the e85 and fill it up with 98? Cheers
  7. Happy Birthday bzerkone!

  8. Spotted walesy and jakd in the motorvation carpark yesterday.. Has anyone used a SPOOL short motor before? Any issues? Looking at getting an engine built.. Thinking just a short motor as I am only aiming for around the 550rwkw mark. Any feedback is appreciated Cheers
  9. So I am looking at getting an engine built. I am aiming for around the 550rwkw mark, I currently have 450rwkw with an unopened engine besides valve springs. Would I be able to safely achieve these numbers with a short block or would I be safer getting a long block built? Is anyone running a spool short block? Any issues with them? Or should I save a bit more cash and get Simon from xft to build it? What sort of dollars have people paid for a built short block? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Cheers
  10. So I need to do me suspension bushes and me diff bush.. Who should I go see and what prices would I be looking at roughly? WA suspensions fitted my coil overs so I was thinking of using them again. Need to get em sorted ASAP preferably before power cruise! Cheers guys
  11. Happy Birthday bzerkone!

  12. EOI - I am thinking of upgrading my huffer in a couple of weeks to the PT 6466. Anyone interested in buying my stock turbo off my F6?
  13. If I am not at work when its on masda I am in
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