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  1. Hi IFLYT6 That was me at Rockdale Maccas Next time if you have time, come past and say Hi. I can show you the the excellent work Aaron did. The car is still going well too
  2. Thanks Freaky That,s exactly what Aaron was telling me. I definitely need more practice. I might have to go out again and give it another go.
  3. Hey Jet Thanks for posting all the details for today's outing at Eastern Creek. It was a great day and I am over the moon with the results (except for the 60ft time) Undoubtedly, you have helped me achieve all the goals I was looking for, which was a reliable, quiet, low 11sec sleeper. Many were impressed with the mph. I was also glad that I drove to and from the track without any issues which reflects the reliability aspect. To think it is a 98 tune as well is impressive and many of the spectators/competitors reacted positively with the times achieved Today's r
  4. Hi Guys Jet did an amazing transformation on my XR6T I enjoyed the drive from Adelaide to Sydney via Melbourne.(8.3-8.5 litres per 100km freeway driving, which is excellent economy) The car performed without any issues and was a pleasure to drive. Last Friday I went out with a few mates. I was fortunate enough to be designated driver and had the pleasure of driving my intoxicated mates home. One of them was a HSV owner who constantly told me how great his car was(which it is) and how much quicker it was than my XR6T(which it ain't. Lol) "Give it a hit, show us
  5. Great work Aaron Looks like it comes on boost nicely. I can't wait to get down to Adelaide and catch up.
  6. Hi Everyone l am George and I just want to say that it was a pleasure to finally meet up with Aaron. He is a down to earth, top bloke, who is always willing to share his wealth of knowledge. I am glad that he is performing the mods to my car and I can't wait to drive the car once he has finished with it. Sydney to Adelaide is tough drive, especially doing it in one day, It is definitely a great experience. I bumped into a few locals on the Stuart Hwy.
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