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  1. What exhaust to run on FPV F6E

    so you went from a niz exhaust to a xforce? lol
  2. What exhaust to run on FPV F6E

    who did you get the nizpro exhaust from?
  3. Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    asif you had to google what hax meant
  4. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    yer nah not overkill if I was paying to have it pulled out, why not use that opportunity to have a few reassurance bits put in.
  5. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    good to see someone putting in some good bit of kit and the little extras that no one does. at least you dont just bang a new clutch in and send them on their way well done again azza
  6. What Made You Feel Good Today

    your alive
  7. ZF Lurch?

    my 09 xr6T began to do this after buying it in 2010. ford sent out a zf tech who uploaded a new zf tune and it fixed it. mine was lurching going from 2nd to 1st when coming to a stop in auto mode. are you sure your car was actually in 1st when you manually shifted? because if I shift to 1st manually coming to a stop it doesn't do it. only in auto mode. a ford tuner can fix this in a zf tune I believe. or if your car is stock you can try ford to see if they have a recent tune they can reflash your whole car inc auto. I havent tried the latter yet.
  8. V8 Super Cars & Supporting Catagory

    that's farking stoopid
  9. Lowered shocks - what's the best option

    @JETURBO ? judess89 where are you located?
  10. Where should I service my tuned XR6T?

    dont talk to me about pay I started off on $8 an hour.
  11. V8 Super Cars & Supporting Catagory

    have v8 supercars announced what cars they are racing next year? or year after? was it going to be comaro vs mustang, back to Expensive Daewoo v ford.?

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