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  1. Happy Birthday bcl!

  2. Happy Birthday bcl!

  3. Happy Birthday bcl!

  4. That's good. If you want to chase a bit more up top the 6766 with bigger compressor is another option, although some loss of spool. Indicative http://forums.evolutionm.net/evo-engine-turbo-drivetrain/605026-new-cea-precision-6466-dyno-graphs-vs-6266-6766-inside.html 6466 does look good in comparison. Plenty of options available. Brian
  5. Good result. At 24lb you're barely pushing that turbo, as 30lb + to get the best out of it. It is rated at 900hp. What is the spool like? That Precision is supposed to spool really good. Brian
  6. Great looking old mans car. Brian
  7. From my notes from 2003 mods. There are a number of exhaust components post turbo in the standard car, as follows: · A single dump pipe off the turbo. There is no splitter inside this attempting to separate mainstream gas from wastegate gas, and probably not required until much higher power levels (I mention this as it is a common mod on rexes) · A 3” down pipe to the cat · A restrictive cat with typical internal honeycomb pattern; 3” inlet with and dual outlet 2.25” · Dual 2.25” pipe to the center section · A center section of dual 2.25” pipe to the center muffler then continued dual 2.25” pipe to just near the rear axle. The center muffler is of straight through design, but is quite effective in reducing noise · A rear section of dual 2.25” pipe which goes into the rear muffler, but the pipe reduces to around dual 2” through the muffler, thereby causing a “daming” effect on gas flow if you want big power. First exhaust mod in 2003 was remove the centre muffler, so done 10 years ago.... then the flood started. Brian
  8. From another thread: For those who are serious, this zeitronix is the gauge to have, showing real-time E85 content. I have posted the picture below in another thread, below from my STi: United I have found to be extremely reliable, with variation between 85 and 87% Eventually hopefully someone will produce an ecu upgrade that will support a full eFlex, for the Ford, without the need for multiple map switching and near tank draining. GMH have a full factory supported version. With my STi, the Vipec V88 ecu that I use can support a full eFlex, although I stay on 85. Ecutek produce an ecu flash where a R35 can use e85 in eFlex mode without map switching, and Ecutek is moving towards supporting other vehicles. I filled up with BP Ultimate 2 days ago, and it was $1.75c/L. E85 was $1.18c/L last week With these relative prices E85 looks good. However, when 98 is $1.60 and E85 is $1.35 it is around the other way. A full eFlex would be the best, so you choose based on relative price, or just stay with eFlex fuel (Caltex) or E85 if you want the extra power. Brian
  9. I was looking for something to quieten the induction noise for my BA intake. Is the car stock? Brian
  10. However, a BA F6 cluster will plug and play straight into a BA XR6 Turbo. I did it many years ago. Brian
  11. Was a very good day last year, and good mix of cars. Well worth attending if you can get the day off. Brian
  12. bcl

    Xr6 Turbo Nationals

    Sydney is a reasonable compromise, as it best suits those from Qld & Vic, to reduce travel. Plenty of Sydney workshops (our advertisers) to chose from if you want a dyno day. The new Sydney Motorsport Park has a new track available for this year, and right next to it is WSID. It is also possible to organize skidpan at SMP also, as plenty of clubs do this. There is plenty of accommodation available nearby, as it caters for large events. Just need to book well in advance. May 2014 will come around pretty quickly if that slot is going to be locked in. Brian
  13. As a guide I did some R&D testing 4 years ago with extractors that I commissioned a 3rd party to build (ETM), the 1st extractors in stock position, with stock turbo, by anyone to my knowledge Extractors had a splitter to stop the gases interfering with each side. I watched the first dyno run after the install, with an overlay against the previous dyno run. Spool was 200-300rpm earlier, but car leaned out ..... this is where you need to be very careful. Car was then tuned. From memory picked up around 20rwkw up top. Tested with stock motor nizpro stage 2 kit. Car ran smoother and noticeably cooler. JP300 also tried extractors and got similar results. Once you go high mount, you can run a much bigger turbo, and good for show. My Nizpro stage 5 has big turbo, but in low mount position, design theory was to to reduce heat. Brian
  14. What ethanol content is your car tuned, since it can vary from E70 to E85. Or are you just using the Rozelle E85? Brian

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