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  1. Just got a Steam Deck from Kogan Got the 64gb one with a 512gb SD card for storage when using Steam/Games and another 512gb SD card to boot into windows anbd use as a normal PC. Another 256gb card for emulatiors - should be able to play old games up to and including nintendo switch games - Zelda here we come I'll throw a 512gb or 1tb SSD in it eventually but not needed yet. Saves me lugging my lappy to work - USB C to the monitor at work and I've got a full windows 11 desktop with mouse/keyboard and all my programs etc setup. Will look at one of the stand alone LCD monitors with inbuilt battery and I won't be lugging so much gear around. Headed into the high country for an extended long weekend next weekend and leaving the lappy home - the deck should give me all I need. Will try a bit of photo/video/drone editing on it to put it through its paces.
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  2. my AOC 32" monitor died, so I bought one of these .............
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  3. Too easy. Have a look at the Pirotta flex fuel kit, I'm pretty sure you can get the relevant tune data from them too. You can also put your own kit together too which should save a few bucks. There is heaps of info on the PCMTec forum about running flex fuel. If you do the research now, at least you'll have a good idea what needs to be done when the time comes.
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  4. not that I built it, but nearly finished cleaning it shed is 24x11 meters we got our farm cheap because old mate had hoarded 19 years of crap including old building materials when he built the farm house and sheds in 2006 we bought in August 2022 and we cleaned up the house first so we could rent it, then we started on this shed which is about 150 meters from the house been a slow process cos farm is nearly 2 hours drive from Clifton Beach, and are up there once a fortnight before after
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  6. Got the old hk out of the shed for a Sunday cruise. Hk premier, 27500miles from new, I'm second owner. Sent from my CPH2305 using Tapatalk
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