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  1. The Off Topic Thread.

    Can only imagine the level of questioning...
  2. The Off Topic Thread.

    @PTR_NITRO_FG where the hell u been hiding
  3. Clunk in rear of BA sedan

    Safest option would be to piss the diff off altogether and turn it into a wheelBArrow see what I did there
  4. I Think Not

    that red pinstripe innit Takes me back a loooong time
  5. So you've got 245s on a 9.5 rim, they can take a 285 (depending on tyre brand) at a pinch so plenty of room there but I'm guessing you like #stretchlyf You can get decent grip without having a massive arse sidewall But if that's what you want, @Ford Freak has some tough wheels on his ute Do some digging through these threads and the wheels/tyres sub-forum, your kw-to-tarmac issue isn't anything new and there are heaps of options out there
  6. I Think Not

    Wrong. VR SS is what he meant Chimmons and all.....
  7. Black smoke runs rough

    What rab said Where are you local and who's tuning it?
  8. You know what happens round here when the name change subject comes up
  9. Black smoke runs rough

    BA/F or FG?
  10. The Off Topic Thread.

    The inhaler u meathead Would assume either u breathe it in or u don't... Break it down for me skids
  11. There's a backyard tuner from ADL on here a bit....drives a clubby and a prado but had a run or two on the board Just can't remember his name, 747supercharger or something..... @JETURBO
  12. The Off Topic Thread.

    How does one inhale incorrectly
  13. I know wheels are a personal taste thing, but why do you want it to look like a hq gts?
  14. Instant Classics

    If that's your plan then I'd dump the NA and find a tidy T
  15. The Off Topic Thread.


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