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  1. @arronm what check valve do you use? Had the same thought RE pressure rating, also will be doing a bigger size line than factory when I get around to doing my catch can setup
  2. 04' mk2 BA ute 554rwkw

    Probably a 308's total output increase
  3. Water meth injection

    No worries Have you got a build thread on here? Sounds like a solid setup
  4. Water meth injection

    These are what you're after http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/90651-norrs-watermeth-injection-install/ http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/35425-watermethanol-injection/ @norrs has done all the hard yards with his setup
  5. What Made You Feel Good Today

    @JETURBO is the mainline in your updated sig the jaustech rig or should you be posting in here Any case pretty sure it should say 2WD600 not DW600, pls fix immediately Cheers #icangoogle #result
  6. What Made You Feel Good Today

    Nice work pixy jnr! Is he thinking of a sports career?
  7. Weight Training For Beginners

    FTFY... Am even less motivated to get fit/work out these days...pisses me off at times
  8. Can’t identify noise

    @joffa1 Pitlane Automotive in Frankston has a very good reputation on here @Rab and a number of others will vouch for his skills
  9. Newbie G6E turbo

    Ah fair enough makes sense. Was pissing me off a while back looking for tyre info and "rs3" was coming up with 0 results lol
  10. Newbie G6E turbo

    Can't find all the posts I remember reading so disregard for now... Mind you, not saying they haven't got a lot of happy customers or that they don't put out some tough cars. Just that on here I've read plenty of rdp feedback, some good some not so flash. Plenty of other tuners with far "worse" reviews if you like, but as far as qld goes I'm struggling to remember reading much (if anything) negative about profile autosports, forced performance in Toowoomba or CPV in mckay. My 2c fwiw. Only example of what I could find, weak effort tbh http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/90220-rdp-tuned-fg-f6/?tab=comments#comment-1536207 @k31th Keef if you put "rdp" in the search bar what do you get? Its possible to get "0 results" for a word that's on the last page you looked at...
  11. Newbie G6E turbo

    Being from nsw never personally dealt with either of these tuners but have only ready good things about profile on here, RDP on the other hand...
  12. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    WIDTMYC Fri night ~9.30 Decided after a few hefty scotches with family (2yo daughter's bday party) that the sooner my rear guards were given a trim the sooner I could fit the new rims. In the driveway with a work light, masking tape, 5" grinder and brotherly/brotherly-in-law (constructive-ish) criticism...result wasn't so pretty but oh well. Mossies were getting fierce and audience had disappeared inside so host's conscience got the better of me after doing one and I went back to scotch and cake. Sat Finished the other guard, fitted all 4 rims, tightened axle U-bolts & other rear bolts, then exhaust manifold, turbo & dump pipe bolts/nuts. Stuck some masking tape strips in the rear guards - half on the guard return edge and half free inside - then took it for a drive. Felt fine, didn't feel any scraping and marks on the tape shows there seems to be enough clearance now. Sun Washed it for first time this year. Had no tyre shine left but comes up alright for a 9.5yo work hack. Am convinced the usual film of dust & grime protects the paint lol Hope all pics show up for once. Will have to get some in a different light, colour of rims doesn't show up that great in the pics.
  13. Retune question

    New injectors and e85 probably the only way to make it worth it on stock turbo

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