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  1. What Made You Feel Good Today

    A few months back we were going through 12-14L of skim a week - family of 4, 2 of which are under 5 Wife hardly drinks it, I put a bit away but my 4yo son and 2yo daughter went through a weird phase of going nuts for the stuff. Nothing wrong with it but my son's appetite in particular was pretty sh*t at mealtimes as you could imagine....almost had to wean him a second time lol Now he hardly touches it...even eats his weetbix dry haha
  2. Recommended Tuner / Workshop Queensland

    Forced Performance & Tuning in Toowoomba and Profile Autosports in Ormiston both seem to have a great rep on here and elsewhere
  3. Goeers thoughts

  4. Goeers thoughts

    @dipstick can you teach me how to do sick burnouts in a single spinner I'll pay you in drugs LSD if I can find some, bit dangerous though @Rab @k31th pls don't ban him
  5. XR6 Turbo Budget Build

    @El Andrew send me a link and take my money already dammit
  6. ^^ this May as well make it an F6
  7. XR6 Turbo Budget Build

    Are they much better than the 41lb version? That's what I want to know
  8. The Random And Funny Video Thread

    Ok maybe I have a juvenile sense of humour but this literally made my ribs hurt from pissing myself @Rab & @Puffwagon in particular it may appeal to speed cooking
  9. Ba 4 speed limits.

    So you got a safe or dangerous diff in the gt...
  10. Uber driver car accessories

    only if you use mineral oil
  11. BF XR6 - handling issues whilst accelerating in wet

    I have a strict start up procedure that involves turning TC off before reversing out of the driveway, unless I have a passenger who wouldn't appreciate the intent. In that case I wait until they're looking out the window.
  12. BF XR6 - handling issues whilst accelerating in wet

    @Brad3199 when you say "in a straight line" I presume you're not dumping the clutch....and that you've driven manual for a while The last time I had an experience like you're describing was probably about 12 years ago, used to happen regularly in the work ute, but that was a trayback 2.7L hilux with sh*tty 185s all round.
  13. BF XR6 - handling issues whilst accelerating in wet

    How is it that cheap arse tyre company/model names just keep getting sh*ttier @Brad3199 Turbo or NA? Lsd or not? Auto or manual? Guessing it's a BA with no traction control. Decent tyres would be a good idea any case, but if you can, get someone else with a bit of experience to take it for a drive in the wet first.
  14. Whats On The Menu

    Yep saw something similar on YouTube this morning, will give it a go on Wednesday
  15. The Off Topic Thread.

    Anybody got the FG workshop manual pdf handy? I downloaded it when it got posted on here but can't find now.... Specifically after torque setting for front shock mounting bolts

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