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  1. hi all, I have an automatic fg xr6t on 180,000kms. its running 310rwkw. so this morning while I was driving to work, I realised it was acting weird while changing from 3rd to 4th.. just before it changes to 4th, the rpm was going up from about 2 to 4-5 then changing, and always doing this everytime it reached 4th. soon after the transmission fault icon came up on my dash. I took it to my tuner in melbourne who tuned my car, and was told the gearbox is gone and needs a new one. I was quoted $4500 for a stage 2 transmission rebuild. just wondering if all this sounds right and the price is decent? cheers in advance for any feedback and help!
  2. I don’t want to be paying unnecessary amount of money tbh, is the flapper mod doable without the need of a mechanic?
  3. Oh damn, I’ll just list it down REQUIRED: -Remove turbo & modify wastegate flap Include flapper and upgraded actuator. $1150 -Custom dyno tune charge. $1200 -workshop consumables, dyno consumables. $60 TOTAL FOR REQUIRED WORK: $2410 inc GST OPTIONAL EXTRAS: -Fit upgraded compressor wheel to turbo. $440 -install upgraded valve springs & head studs. $875 -ARP barra head stud kit. $599 -upgraded valve spring set. $395 -upgraded fuel pump. $325 -performance injectors. $750 TOTAL FOR OPTIONAL EXTRAS: $3384 balance including tax and gst: $5794
  4. So I went in today to get a quote from a highly recommended tuner, he split the quote into 2, required work and optional extras. Below is the quote and what they’re telling me to do and all it’s costs, what are your thoughts?
  5. Thank you all for all the great information. Lastly, I just want to know how long I can drive my car the way it is right now without getting all the required things done?
  6. A lot of people try to upsell.. I only have a turbo side intake and the full 4inch system running on my fg. I trust your words 100% and won’t be changing those then, just the tune and bigger actuator to control the boost as you said. im happy to be getting close to 300 at the wheels tbh, I’m not planning on going for a big setup, that’s why I don’t want to upgrade any unnecessary parts, just want to fix the problem I’m having
  7. Hey man! So I just spoke to a tuner from melbourne, and he told me that I’m going to need bigger injectors, modification on the turbo and a bigger intercooler + a tune to fix the issue. am I being told the right things here?
  8. Cheers man! Appreciate the reply
  9. Hey all, new member here. so recently I bought a full 4 inch Xforce exhaust system put into my fg xr6 turbo. after going for a test drive, I realised that my car lost majority of its power. Turning off the ignition and back on was fixing the problem until it was over boosting once again. I was told that my car needed a tune by friends. Is this the case? And also can I still drive my car on the daily until I get this problem fixed. Engine light is also on now after a day of driving the way it is
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