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    Let the high mount setup begin [emoji41][emoji106] I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
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    Well Its arrived and is a work of art, And the antisurge ports look significantly bigger than my current turbo. Boost control is something I am worried about, But we will see once we put it on the dyno
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    I have had a busy last few weeks, slowly replacing/upgrading the front and rear bushes to complete Whiteline Also installed the IMS different hat that I had sitting on a the garage shelf for 6 months Full rotor replacement to the DBA T3's and Project MU 400 pads Brake fluid full flush and upgrade to braided lines Currently have the front end pulled apart to change the bushes over the next couple days, put it together and book in for a full wheel alignment and I'll be quite happy not to work on the car again or spend money haha At least half of the bushes were completely torn or half there guts fallen out so I know this major upgrade will definitely be worth it I have only had a slight increase of NVH, a very light hum from the diff at 80kph, even saying that it is so small I'm sure I'll forget it's there in a couple weeks Few pics for the fans, random order and not a whole lot shown, I forgot to take more pictures when I was doing the rear cradle I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
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    Still havevto make a console for the shifter Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
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    Fitted my front kings Sl coils and koni reds last night. I've got a superpro control arm bush kit to go in but knew there was no way I was going to have time so that'll wait. Once the coils have had a chance to settle I'll be getting the sagging (one side is ~335mm HTG) SSL leaves reset to suit with reverse wrap front eyes and the half rebound leaf as mentioned here. Fingers crossed these combined factors will eliminate the axle tramp I'm getting now. When the ute's off the road getting leaves modded will give me a chance to have a crack at the bushes. Few obligatory photos... Old vs new Fitted Confused colour scheme going on there...love the ns400s btw, dust has to be way less than half of the remsas I had previously Sits a bit more level now
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    Re-tiled the bathrooms about 4 months ago with left over tiles from a contract I finished. Got the venities, baths, fitting free as well. 600x300 walls and floors with 300x100 that I did in herringbone to make it a feature Besides the screens mirrors and my time doing it, ive walked out with 2 new bathrooms for 3k ish WINNING!!! https://imgur.com/a/1ysoH https://imgur.com/a/OtdCs
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    Have one in my XP coupe behind a BF f6 typhoon engine Sent from my SM-T530 using Tapatalk
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    Phew home again. I had to do a 90 km round trip to pick up come more e85 during the middle of the day so that was fun. I got plenty of laps in and got some good data. Heaps of people were commenting on how fast my car was and how much of a sleeper it is lol. By the end of the day my rear pads were gone and the car and box were over heating so I just took it a bit easy. The box shifted like a champ until it went into limp mode so that's a plus. I think I got an exhaust side gasket leak too. I thought @Rabs brakes were overkill but today I was wishing I had some like his. I got a picture with the dudes and laid my lamest dad joke on Moog. He loved it. I chopped Marty in his cressida but he probably wasn't trying lol. All in all a good day and got to drive my car around more corners than I have since the sa cruise.
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    WMMFGT: Woohoooooo. About 18 months ago I took custody of the granddaughter, with her mum (my step daughter) being shipped off for mental health treatment and rehab. Since the start of the year I've been reintroducing the bub (almost 3yo) back to her mum, with the goal of them getting back to a mother daughter relationship/care etc. The mother has been looking for a place of her own for about 6 months now to slowly move across the living arrangements, with bugger all luck. Today she got one - moves in next friday. About 10mins walk from me, right next door to the bubs daycare, across the road from shops/supermarket and near the buses etc. Decent set of units - was actually the units my nanna used to live in 45 years ago. It's been a farking long process (had an intervention order on the mum that I let expire a few months ago - was limited to visitations only) to get where we are now but finally the light is at the end of the tunnel. Close enough to keep an eye on and be there for emergencies, far enough away to let the 2 of them (re)start their lives together again. Feels great :D :D :D
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    thought I would share a video of my ride since it's getting close to being complete
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    Just have a joint and sack the pills
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    Apple can kiss my ass. Bought 4 x Samsung note 8s today for the family
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    Fitted the new 360mm offset rotors. They look huge. I they ended up sitting 10.4 mm further inboard. As you can see there is now ample room to fit the caliper, even with 19" Vertini Drifts. The caliper brackets are currently being modified to suit. Should be finished by Friday.
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    Got the shifter fitted, again.. I currently have 1st, neutral and reverse gear. Can't check second gear changes until I get the car started (Odyssey battery died). I machined a lot of material from the gear knob, to accept the strain gauge and for it to be almost completely covered. I also fitted the caliper brackets and a caliper. Check out the clearance on the 19' Vertini Drifts.... New HC800 pads for the front and NS400 for the rear.
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    My brother was there, sent me a couple pics of it Prefer this though Tidy looking setup I presume was at the GCG or Plaz stand
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    Managed to curl 70kg today just for the hell of it. 60 went up easy and almost knocked some teeth loose and 80 was farken nope.
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    Been using Note 8 for a week now, love it, I also told Apple to kiss my ass after being with iphones for the past 4 years. After 3 days, still have 45% battery left
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    I put the trailer on and handed the keys to the girls. "Can't help with the move - Bathurst" :D
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    Wasn't today but a week ago this went in [emoji123] Followed by a diff oil change, and full service.
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    Bathurst, PI MotoGP then off to KL for Sepang MotoGP Sons b/day (18th) was this weekend. Going to need a holoday for most of Nov. I think
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    Next up is Bathurst weekend Following weekend me sons birthday. Weekend after that, Moto GP Busy October for this little black duck..
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    Took it out for a day in the sun after its been parked most of the winter.
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    This is the one that's getting played.
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    Morning all. What's happening in here? In other news, one of the songs I wrote and recorded a little while back is being played on a local radio station tonight
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    Framework for decking completed Pretty happy with the way it turned out.
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    Trying out the new spit before catering for 40 hungry, drunk teenagers on thursday night (sons 18th)
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    I love the ones that are flush with the ceiling - looks the business!
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    Not really...she had pretty average taste in stuff. But more that I can tell I'm moving on and getting over it as I'm making the place my own. Also had a mate over for some steak and beers on the weekend and we measured up and did up a fully retic design for my front and back gardens. Going to buy all the bits this weekend, then we'll do the install my our next long break. So 3 weeks time I should have a garden that fully waters itself...which means I can then start to make it nice
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    So I finally found some motivation and inspiration to start furnishing and decorating my house again. Hadn't actually done anything to my entrance since moving into the place, other than the painting, blinds etc...so it's just been an empty space the whole time. This was what it used to be like, coz I know you all miss the glass bricks haha So bought a marble top console table, mirror, new lamp shade for an old alabaster lamp from my great Nonna, some little decorative things and my mum painted the artwork for me from a piece we saw on 'The Block' that we thought would look nice in there.
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    Buy an nGuage. Buy an e85 sensor/gauge. Buy a wideband. Get 10 tunes done from 98 through to e85. Now every time you fill up you can check what level of ethanol is in there and load the tune that is the closest. You can always double check on the wb after loading a new tune. It's not perfect but it'd be very close and given the alternatives for "flex fuel" tuning it would be my pick when using the stock ecu.
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    ^^This guy Check out old mate's thread starting here I'd hardly say he's either a tight arse or looking for shortcuts with a build like that, I'm guessing he's hoping for convenience due to the lack of e85 outlets in Inn Zidd
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    and so it begins - - - - - - - - - - mango madness
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    Lunch time 2 eggs 390g seasoned chicken breast 1/2 a smashed avo cos hipster sweet potato tomato mushroom continental cucumber fat free mayo
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    Not too bad atm, thanks Keify. Definitely happier with where life is at now compared to a few months back. Started putting myself out there again, dating wise...so hopefully I'll have some random/interesting tinder date stories to share at some point haha. Definitely going into the whole dating thing this time giving zero farks, which is much less stressful haha. How's things on your side of life?
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    Getting a work fuel card for United organised MMFGT
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    I gave the kids a go kart ride goodnight instead of a story just for something different.
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    Time to put on Forza and do a shed load of laps around the mountain drunk as a skunk. Hahaha.
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    so I have got my leave approved and I've booked into my motels can't wait
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    Not generally an issue with BA's, that's more of a BF deal. The dud coils causing funky dash and random neutral I mean. Sounds more like a poor connection or bad earth somewhere
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    I bought the kids a Nintendo mini today. Phone charger for scale.
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    Had Taylor Bring his ute in for a turbo upgrade due to the factory one developing the ol death rumble and he didn’t want to go to big but also wanted a lift from the small turbo’s limits ( previously 329rwkw ) so one swop out and coupled it up with a new Walbro intank pump and a fresh set of fluids and onto the dyno stock clutch wasn’t the happiest as I did head towards the 380rwkw zone and bought it back to a more comfortable 352rwkw on 98 with a sizeable gain on his previous tune on the small turbo also been helping out a forum member @Hezabot with some vital parts for his build that’s under way, can’t wait to tune this beast once it’s all done Garrett GTX G2 3582 40mm monster port Garrett 11.8psi actuator full braided line kit for the turbo (oil and water) ID1050X walbro fuel pump Turbosmart Dual port BOV
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    Thanks fellas, appreciate the kind words. JET, I played and recorded everything myself (vocals, guitars, bass). The drums are a program though, so I can only take credit for programming them. I haven't actually written or recorded much over the last few years though as I sorta wasn't doing much of anything with it and lost motivation, so had actually started selling off my guitars and stuff coz I couldn't justify having so much money tied up in stuff just sitting around the house collecting dust, so was keen to put the money into my mortgage/debts instead.
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    https://www.youtube.com/user/whitestripes Should have called the band eBayStripes
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    I won a first 4 bet on a horse today. The bastard only paid 65ish instead of the usual 500+. Still, I turned $23 into $1550 so I'm happy for that.
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    I'm itching to do a RS so let me push you that way lol or a G2 76 on E85 and try for 460-470 and break everything along the way lol
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