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    No progress on the ute for the last while, until today anyway. Got my license back yesterday. Was lucky enough to be able to get Chris from Mobile Custom Fabrications to come over and sort out new cooler piping. Pretty happy with how it turned out. Left the silicone elbow on the little GTX as I plan on upgrading that later this year, no point wasting a plazmaclamp on it.
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    Just pulled the trigger. Included the wideband and flex sensor also [emoji41][emoji108][emoji106]
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    Sick of my ute being in peices, decided cooler pipes are getting done properly this time. Picked up a set of 3" plazmaclamps to go with the turbosmart 50mm BOVs. Getting the new cooler piping fabbed up later this week. Hopefully turns out kinda like this but 3" not 3.5".
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    Back into doing what I really enjoy as a hobby and it’s far more exciting than playing soccer ( sorry world cup lol ) but I’ve had Alex’s built BA beast on the Dyno, marks white 500rwkw ute and last night Andrew’s FGX XR8 with the supercharged 5.0 lots going on but ive had to step up Alex’s @pro_xw98‘s boost control system as it’s making already 300rwkw @ 9psi with a progressive peak and seen over 500rwkw already at 21psi progressive with the big precision 7675 and far too much too soon when bringing it on quicker. It was worth a shot at making what he had work before spending more money but wasn’t to be Marks ute hit the rollers for a genral check up and seeing the Circle D converter has “loosened” up a small touch has made the ute increasingly more aggressive which is interesting to say the least haha then onto Andrews FGX with the sweet sweet V8 alloy supercharged goodness wanting ultimately bang for buck a Tune Only was the ticket as he had already fitted a Aeroflow pod replacement hi flow Air filter ( I typically would of used a K&N ). The FGX has a decent amount of further torque reduction and general power subtraction strategies over the FG GT/GS for instance and definitely shows up in the baseline runs 288rwkw was all she had and it’s obvious where in the graph Ford are pulling power out or adding way to much fuel in and being counter productive for generating power. All said and done 359rwkw and that makes a total of 71rwkw on a “tune only” which is bloody amazing really seeing anywhere from 60rwkw to 75rwkw is the ballpark for most workshops and the “tune only” status and most included the Pod filter after the baseline so 71 is really good and I’m very happy with the before and after and didn’t need to spin the engine past factory redline too which most lift by another 500rpm or so on the street it’s chalk and cheese the difference and now it spins the 275 sport Maxx tyres pretty hard with ease whereas it didn’t spin at all with all the torque management left on which is a bit boring for a factory supercharged vehicle stay tooned for more soon
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    Brunch today, my first stab at poached eggs @Rab BBQ sauce is sweet baby ray's so no need to be too judgy ok... Bacon and snags are crispy/overdone but that's how I like it
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    Will just leave this here.. will be like a new car after having done all the timing with atomic hardware, gtx42 and now a new brain with live tuning and flex capability! Stoked!
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    This is the housing a mate made. Just got a chunk of billet and put it in the lathe at work and turned it up. We were going to do a few more but properly by machining the cap into it so we didn’t have the weld between the cap and housing but for the work involved didn’t get enough interest from others to worry about making more.
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    Busy arvo in the shed today and a busy last few weeks as well. Got the catch can I made last week mounted and -12 lines run to it. AN fittings welded to the rocker cover and gave it a respray while it was off. The can sits above the kframe just below the manifold. It's baffled with a few segregated chambers containing stainless scourers. And vented to atmo. Cooalnt expansion tank delete finalised and coolant flushed and burped. New upper thermostat housing welded to a filler neck. New thermostat and a coolant overflow mounted in the airbox. Plaz plenum installed with a ported stock lower half. Had to modify the Plaz coldside to fit the new plenum and move the Bov. Fitted the new fuel rail/reg (thanks Jet) and got the injectors cleaned. Surprisingly no tiny fuel leaks from any of the new fittings/hoses/rail. Then gave her a service. Few tiny things remaining and waiting for the front bar to get back from the paint shop. It's getting resprayed and a few cracks fixed then its retune on E85 time. Going with Dave @CPV in Mackay this time. Hoping to get that done in the coming months before Xmas.
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    New turbo who dis [emoji102]
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    Last day of push bike Weeeeee Day off to get the ute together tomorrow. Happy days.
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    6boost arrived so had to dummy it up and see how the new snail looked. Still got quite a bit to do though: - change rocker cover - run all new oil water lines for turbo - HPC coat the dump/mani - install the Haltech - new intake - tidy everything up Forgot how small the 42's look on a Barra!
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    I poured the dregs of my E85 from a jerry can and killed a weed. that's gardening done for me for the year....
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    Very nice. I drove a red car yesterday. v8, Sweet noise from full system.
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    Picked up the powder coated rocker cover I'd had modded with some -10 female fittings. Also picked up a mint N/A FG coil cover to finish it off.
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    I sold my HPT mpvi pro dongle today [emoji41] Haltech is on the shopping list!
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    Very interesting read, I wonder how they got the ZF to work and whose software they will be using to tune it
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    Just called me local ford dealership for some prices on a BA XR6T sump, Indian guy picks up, puts me on hold. Finally picks up the phone again asks what I’m after I tell him I’m after a BA XR6 Turbo sump, He asks what is that I repeat myself. He asks for chassis number, I tell him I don’t have the chassis number only my rego number he reluctantly tries that, it works perfect. He then says in a surprised voice “That’s a ford falcon!?” I then explain that a XR6 Turbo is a ford falcon. Who the I <3 Bananas hires these people.
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    Oil and filter change on the new girl. Fitted an EZ drain valve in place of the sump plug for easier 5k oil change lyf. Was late in the day after a weekend in Sydney, so will do fuel filter and coolant later in the week. Brake fluid looks good, so will leave it until the statutory warranty is over and I swap in the 328mm rear rotors and Terry calipers that were going to go in the BA. While I was under there, noticed the dump was big. Turns out it has X-Force dump and cat. Fired up PCMTEC and licensed the car and the car has had a pretty mild tune in it. Looks pretty well on the money too. A little extra boost, some timing and fuel adjustments at high load and RPM. Injectors are stock based on looking at the tune. I'll pull the fuel pump before ordering anything just in case I don't need to. Judging by how spotless the car is, I'm taking the tune as a bonus rather than a drawback. Still, I should get the wideband in there stat. Might ring a couple of the big places in Sydney to see if they know the car.
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    Grab one bean one carrot one brussell sprout etc Bag them all separately Use the bags as you see fit.
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    If you've built a car from scratch with all new component and had to fault find this issue, you would understand the time and frustration associated with such issues. Tell me. how long would it have taken you to identify the issue, given the scenario and your professional experience? I really don't understand your sarcasm, as I was not particularly despondent in my posts about the issue. I was more so disappointed that a high quality and expensive component was DOA. Fuelab replied to my correspondence last night and immediately freighted the required upgraded parts free of charge...
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    We are now getting a lot closer to the custom operating systems being released. We are still getting our workshop testers to send us the tune to customise. Final testing is being done on the gear based boost control on automatics at wide open throttle (WOT). This is due to Driver Demand gear not being calculated at WOT. The feature that is working really nicely is the fitting of the 4 bar boost sensor and using the stock TMAP sensor instead of replacing it with the 4bar TMAP. PCMTec will switch over from the TMAP at a configurable voltage and use the boost sensor as the MAP reading. This has fixed a bunch of issues and massively improved drive ability. Closed loop boost control still works as well as decel fuel cut. Been a real time saver for tuners as well. Will keep the forum updated.
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    Yeh, I think that's how she got 3 kids.
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    I accidentally bought a 2004 corolla for $500. Please help
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    Re-fitted rear springs New fuel filter Gave it a flogging
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    Got my leaf springs modified with a half rebound leaf as per @powelmac and fitted them this morning Only drama was with the extra leaf my U-bolts were out of length, so following this thread I unbolted the pack and got rid of the small bottom leaf. Took it for a decent hit this arvo, apart from feeling it has enough power to tear a hole in the horizon (after 2 weeks of driving a Hino) the rear end feels great. Not a hint of tramp, and doesn't hook up too bad either, from third gear roll ons that is. @Ford Freak FYI Looks very unexciting but seems to work well, will update how it goes over the next couple of weeks.
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    how it sits now. @k31th can you embed this please (and maybe show me how todo in future)
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    Someone call hey mate when you get her on the road shout out and ill have a look but without seeing it theres just too many variables so not much point guessing really let me know when youre good to go
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    Cat, fuel pump and injectors will do that on 98 no worries if the engine is healthy. You should get some advice first on what the 5 speed manual can handle though. If you go E85 you will need to go dedicated E85, or flash a 98 tune when you needed. Flex will only work with an aftermarket ECU like Haltech.
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    Test drove and inspected for a ford forum member. Great car, he bought it.. Everyone knows me, I dont by red cars and only run ford forced induction...
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    Oh look, another mini ITX build [emoji3] Boss liked the look of the other one so much he wanted one 2 Slightly up spec from the last one Same case This will be the third one I have made in this case. Did buy a new light from Officeworks today so I can see Blind cos old bastard [emoji39]
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    Just to clarify they rebuild the ZF box using 6R80 parts with many internals modifications, including additional friction plates. This job cant be completed by just any gearbox workshop. Many years of R & D has gone into what works and what doesnt. Many horror stories of guys spending big dollars and boxes failing. Best do it once , the correct way....
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    Got a new edition to the family! She's a week old today [emoji16] her name's Brianna. In Adelaide for a couple of days. Going to try and catch up with a few forum members if we get time.
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    not a great deal has been happening, trying to enjoy the car a little. been on and off the dyno a handful of times. made 660rwhp on 19psi with E85 before we hit the wall with the fuel pumps and wastegate. Fitted a new turbosmart 45mm gate w/ 14psi spring and a Magnafuel pro tuner 750 pump, and back on the dyno making 716rwhp @ 22psi on E85, then the alternator sh*t itself.... with the new alternator fitted, we turned it up to 27psi and the conditions weren't ideal on the night, strapped it down harder and harder but we couldnt get it past 720rwhp without breaking into wheel spin. the turbo is at its end of it's efficiency, we are seeing 52°c inlet temperatures at 30psi, with the gains we have seen, we are guesstimating at the moment at a touch over 800rwhp... we now have a 2step launch control program going through the haltech and all wired in with the trans brake, and we have pretty much perfected everything with the car (fixed minor trans leak, minor rear main leak, etc etc). picked up another set of rear Weld Draglites wheels with better backspacing (15x8 6.5" BS) running a 275/65r15 radial pro. New 1500hp rated tailshaft will go in next week, stuff around with roll racing to shake it all down, then see if we can reel off a 6.0 / 6.1 over the 8th mile (can get kicked out this way, but unlikely)... im still undecided to put a cage in, it is a $4000 expense, eliminates me from a few events a queensland raceway, and makes it a pain in the ass to get it through queensland transport (no exo-cage is permitted, in regards to the rear supports)......... roll racing with 660rwhp https://youtu.be/hW-2ld4jozg
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    I think it will take a while for feedback to trickle through. all the big builds will be getting them, but id say some will be waiting for a few guinea cops to go first before handing over 3k ahaha
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    Here is manual 6 speed (Nizpro F6. BF) with 3.73. 98 fuel, modified turbine housing for lazy boost. 400rwkw with 15PSI boost.. Use this for comparison.
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    Service has been great from Haltech. Smart guys and super keen to talk with you. I think with this type of setup you need to understand what you want out of it and ensure your tuner can spend the time to set it up correctly. I haven't got a final price on the items I've ordered but the list so far is as per below. Flex fuel sensor 3 port boost solenoid wide band O2 sensor I'm super keen in the protection side of things, such as over boost protection, fuel pressure and lean condition protection. Boost by gear is going to make the car so much faster on the street and at the strip! They have been testing this ECU on 3 development cars for 3 years so they assure me the bugs have been ironed out. Unfortunately we have had delays with the new forged con-rods that Dion wants for his new builds based on findings from his race motor, so my engine has taken longer then expected. The rest of the car is ready to go.
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    ^This What he's actually looking for is advice that it's a stupid idea and don't dooooo iiiiittttt
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    Rob was pretty pleased with the batt relo fix (plazmaman rods and top plate apparently looked sh*t with my batt...so he made another one work). 248.6 kw stockish lol...I thought that was decent for age and whatnot...then rob said nah most stockies are 235rwkw [emoji23][emoji23] [emoji111]
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    No white. Can you believe it. For my daughter. XT stock as a rock. Not a bad car to drive Guess what. Stock cars are really comfortable. Full service this week then give it to her
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    welcome back aboard, buddy yep, the new reactions are pretty schweet
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    @PTR_NITRO_FG where the hell u been hiding
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    Finally - new fence is going up. 2 months of the house looking like a war zone and should be all done in a few days.
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    this rocks my jocks
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    Bought a pool pump from a store in Melbourme or $699 delivered to the door. Was pissed off because I saw one for $645 on eBay after I had paid for it. Went to store in town here to buy some plastic elbows and some glue They had the same pump for sale Asked how much $1268 Didn't feel so bad about loosing on the eBay deal [emoji3]
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    Morning all. TGIF - fly-out day
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    Wrong. VR SS is what he meant Chimmons and all.....
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    After nearly 6 months, the wiring is completed and installed in the car. I cannot begin to describe my feeling of joy and relief. I really feel like crying.. I know that some will wonder why it has taken so long. The extended duration was due to my wiring guy having a full time job (At the mines), which involves being away from home. Given my familiarity with these circumstances, it has taken substantially longer than normal. However, the man is absolutely fastidious with his work and I'm sure that when you view the pictures below, you will attest to the wait being justifiable. AS you can see, we cut the harness just past the firewall and added a Motorsport connector. This will allow us to completely disconnect the wiring harness in one spot (Except coils), if engine removal is required. I wish that I'd thought of it the first time around.... We've done the same with the Thermocouple amplifiers to allow for ease of removal/installation. Note that they amplifiers are not yet installed into the engine management compartment and that they will be mounted on top of thew wideband and I/O expander modules... So, the beast has been fired, but we had a small trigger issue. It seems to be losing it's home(Can't remember exact term).. We'll put it on a scope and suss it out...
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