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    Got some shiny bits for the ute.
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    WIDTMYC Fri night ~9.30 Decided after a few hefty scotches with family (2yo daughter's bday party) that the sooner my rear guards were given a trim the sooner I could fit the new rims. In the driveway with a work light, masking tape, 5" grinder and brotherly/brotherly-in-law (constructive-ish) criticism...result wasn't so pretty but oh well. Mossies were getting fierce and audience had disappeared inside so host's conscience got the better of me after doing one and I went back to scotch and cake. Sat Finished the other guard, fitted all 4 rims, tightened axle U-bolts & other rear bolts, then exhaust manifold, turbo & dump pipe bolts/nuts. Stuck some masking tape strips in the rear guards - half on the guard return edge and half free inside - then took it for a drive. Felt fine, didn't feel any scraping and marks on the tape shows there seems to be enough clearance now. Sun Washed it for first time this year. Had no tyre shine left but comes up alright for a 9.5yo work hack. Am convinced the usual film of dust & grime protects the paint lol Hope all pics show up for once. Will have to get some in a different light, colour of rims doesn't show up that great in the pics.
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    I make @Frederick feel special with poems too .....
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    Great day and feeling so bloody proud. Today my son had his regional swimming carnival and is now off to State swimming Titles at Homebush Olympic Park. Another daddy moment.
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    Hey guys, Finally broke into the 400's on 98 octane. All work has been performed by Joe at CMS Prestons since late 2016 and previous tune was 385rwkw on 18psi Since then I dropped the car off a couple weeks ago and supplied with GTW3884r turbo upgrade and Stage 4 Atomic cams & head studs. Joe worked his magic and car turned out 425rwkw and 1054nm all on the same 18psi. The difference is mind blowing how much harder it comes on boost and just keeps pulling up high! Very happy with it. Big thanks again to @JETURBO for supplying me with some goodies once more. pics should be attached hopefully..
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    Cautious optimism Apart from a logging issue with HP Tuners (it cant log custom OSes and SCT corrupted OSIDs) it looks like the boost by gear test we have done is working. For the earlier FGs we have an improved solution for the gear based boost control. I will extend the scope to have a look at torque management by gear as well. Rolls and I will now be working in integrating this into the PCMTec Editor and we will provide updates on the forum link as it progresses.
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    Got back to the workshop today and scored this for afternoon tea [emoji3]
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    For those interested PCMTec is working on Custom Tunes see: https://forum.pcmtec.com/index.php?/topic/25-custom-tunesgear-based-boost-control-for-baba-and-early-fg/ This is a very different level of tuning and goes beyond the OEM Calibrator level we currently support. Soon you will be able to do things like: Gear Based Boost Control for the BA/BF/FG Change table axis like using VSS or Gear instead of Intake temperature for the Boost and Wastegate tables Change decision points for thinks like Open Loop Fuel (make it MAP dependent). Increase table resolutions Add custom axis We think this will change the Ford Falcon tuning landscape forever
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    Despite coming from a state of serial killers & power blackouts, these^ two add a lot of value to this forum
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    Busy as always and working on some really nice cars including @ripped6‘s FG mk2 that was due for a major service schedule including engine/ZF/Diff with an array of fluids swopped out and giving the stock ZF another lease on life as she’s pushing 480rwkw+ these days on my latest tune and been to the drags quite a few times so anything we can do to keep it in one piece is worthwhile Then had Mario from AFF decide to bring his 2014 G6ET in for a Custom “Tune only” after scouring the market place for who he was going to let touch his pride and joy and obviously I came to the top of the list ( and very humbling to be there ) Being very specific on how he wanted his trans tuned was the key point over power gains so in true fashion a large amount of time slowly bringing in calibrations to meet an expectation that I need to interoperate can be challenging, reasonably good power from stock and a nice gain all over pushing roughly 150nm and 30rwkw but all said and done one very happy owner now ! Then onto Andrews 2015 FGX XR8 that’s due for it’s 45,000km schedule service “B” and to determine if there’s anything needed to be addressed before his warranty period is out.... hopefully after that point we can convince him to tune it and start with the modification journey time will tell .....
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    So about midday Friday we decided to change plans. Gave up on the drift car and pulled my street car out of the garage retorqued the head studs ( I got boost happy doing skids the other week and threw the belt off hitting the trigger sensor which made abit of timing wander and lifted the head hahaha.) so torqued it down again no bubbles in the coolant tank luckily. Left it with the 6900rpm limiter and 25psi boost all weekend and just beat the sh*t out of it. Still hasn't seen a Dyno since my clutch failure 12months ago so just street tuned but had no issues living at 6500+rpm allweekend. Safe to say the stock motor loves the abuse ahaha. Was going to add skid video from my facebook but ill upload to youtube and post back.
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    Copying posts over from other forums doesn't work very well with phagotbucket so here's some pics and vids from a recent last minute decision the day before Gazzanats to go do some skids. Little video from a young guy that was checking out the car and asked to come for some laps when I had spare seats. Powerskids qualifying from Saturday only did one skid to qualify then finals on Sunday for cancelled because of rain :(. Straight up dump 4th on the spot about 22psi boost 7000rpm old standard motor loves this sh*t [emoji23] For a total prep time of an hour to fit up a few sets of tyres and no prep to the car it was a mint weekend of skids and piss drinking.
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    These are what you're after http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/90651-norrs-watermeth-injection-install/ http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/35425-watermethanol-injection/ @norrs has done all the hard yards with his setup
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    And this is the reason I'm so incredibly happy having my own espresso machine. Wouldn't have originally spent that much on a machine, but my gf at the time wanted to pay half and get me something special for my 30th...but then broke up with me a couple of days before my birthday and I had to buy her out for it...so kinda got forced into spending double what I was going to on a coffee machine, but no regrets - it's farking awesome!
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    Happy Birthday Mrs BCB My Son has done it again. Backed up yesterdays swimming with a first place at today's school cross country.
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    Mrs BCB's birthday today [emoji3] I made this card With a BCB original poem
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    Frank wanted more and that’s what he got ! Previously we ended up on ~270rwkw on the stock FG intercooler and the time had come to finally install a Plazmaman 1000hp intercooler polished to perfection and for safety a walbro intank pump went in. Venom got the tick for a Dump/cat combo and away I went on the dyno tuning it to 304rwkw up from the previous best of 269rwkw all on 13.5psi max and the gains are clear on the Dyno sheet and when all the right parts are used the desired outcome always happens with a (arguably) picture perfect graph heres the picture journey ....
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    Just pulled in the driveway at home. What a epic drive. I finished with 3745 KLM and 9.7 lph. Totally agree - the best trip so far. The XR6 Turbo is the one of the best touring cars around. Very happy with it's performance. Thanks guys. Can't wait for the next one.
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    I wouldn't buy a mac. The value for money and customization isn't there compared to building your own. I would build a pc and/or upgrade my current stuff. Have a good read of this link to wrap your head around it a bit better. You can customize your build to your needs and save a lot of money like that. You can always add more storage as you need it providing your motherboard has enough connectors. Here is a video clip that might help a bit. While it is not a perfect comparison by any means, there is some good info inside.
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    ^this Jet and I are still like best mates. Yeah we disagree sometimes, but we never go to sleep angry or without telling each other we love each other and to be fair it doesn’t happen often. Having similar interests helps. We tune cars together, we drink at the pub together, we laugh at the same shows, we play golf, we go for walks, we have an abundance of date nights, we enjoy most of the same stuff. It’s like hanging with my bestie most of the time. We’ve had a lot of really hard times (through no fault of our own) and I think it’s made us stronger than ever. We still laugh like we just met and we still know how to make each other crack up, even at 2am when we’re exhausted from waking up with kids, we will still lose our sh*t laughing. He kisses me on the forehead and tells me everything will be ok when I’m lost, and he tells me every day that he loves me and he thinks I’m beautiful. He orders me flowers for no reason, even though I don’t expect them and I still make him sandwiches and a cuppa and take them down to the shed when he’s working. I think if u truly love each other then you will always just care enough to do those little things. Like tonight I’m exhausted after a 12 hour day on site, still project managing our builds on the side, finding somewhere to live and renovating another house, and he has made us dinner and got me an icy water as soon as I walked in the door and some clean towels so I could jump straight in the shower. I got a catch.... I’m very lucky. We’re coming up for our 10 years soon and I can’t believe how fast the times gone And I still find myself trying to ditch other things just to spend time with him.... we actually want to be around each other as much as possible. Ps... also having secs a lot helps too [emoji6] sorry freaky I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
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    Another excellent quality day of driving done Before going further south, stopped in Swansea for this photo and some fuel: Then later on we walked up Wineglass Bay Lookout in Freycinet National Park: Decent hike and scenery Then up to Bicheno for lunch (I'm sure Gary has good pics) and then up around some twisties in the region which may or may not have some stories to tell about it at a later time Got back to where we are staying tonight a bit late, but a quality BBQ dinner and some of the above made it all better Last day of quality Tassie roads tomorrow.
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    Fantastic day. Much more enjoyable with an idea of how long it takes to get where we need to be - coming into town at 6pm beats 3pm Some roads were that good today.... we did them twice (on purpose - they were better the 2nd time) :D Keith's naviguessing was on point as always - GPS is for the plebs - inner compass FTW - we definitely didn't end up on dirt roads (and double down on the next corner), double back or get separated at any stage Food has been farkin fantastic - company has been brilliant and the cars have really shown their legs. Scenery is world class - every corner shows a new breath-taking vista, totally different from the last - mountains, hills, coasts, forests, lakes, cliffs, farms etc - all unique and brilliant. The roads though - they make it - our cars were made for them and they for the cars. Camber, corners, decent bitumen, decent width, bugger all traffic, absence of "nanny state enforcements", slower vehicles that move over or wave you past, realistic speed limits (and warning signs) - definitely left to the driver to decide how to drive. 3 more days of this - am sure I passed away peacefully in my sleep thurs night and am now in heaven
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    I did. 242 kmh over the 1000m which I was pretty happy with considering the stock baby turbo and exhaust and that killer head wind. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    So after many weeks of heart ache and frustration from taking all the piping off checking for cracks, leaks, punctures, etc etc etc. I finally took it into FPT and you're not going to believe what it was...... I installed some sh*tty ebay spec led parker bulbs a while ago and they were apparently tricking the computer to think that it was in reverse, hence low boost and throttle body opening letting out boost. A few runs on the dyno and replacement of parker bulbs has FINALLY fixed her! You get what you pay for.
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    The gearbox grinds as he puts it in park because the tailshaft is turning still. Holding his foot on the break won't stop the tailshaft turning if the half shaft is broken due to the open centre diff spinning on the spider gears rotating the broken half shaft. Open centre diff strikes again haha
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    Picked up a bf mk2, was advertised as ba mk2 but is 07/06 build with zf. Old owner only advertised cars faults the list was. - engine light on - headlining sagged - handbrake cover taped up - steering wheel worn - coil cover not fitted - engine oil leak - coolant leak - bonnet has bad crows feet. Had 10 months rego picked it up for $4k. So far ive fixed engine oil leak which was tappet cover gasket, engine light was cam solenoid. Coolant leak was header tank . Also picked up f6 cold air, k&n filter, second hand plasma man intercooler and x4 controller. Plans are for a tidy street car as I have a vk 5.0l with a turbo in the build as well, looking at doing the following - new front mounted gearbox cooler - gearbox service - fuel pump and injectors - dump pipe and cat - tune and have fun.
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    Or someone sprouting off about doing 250km/h and can’t
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    Test filled the cooling system, no leaks I can see. Hopefully stays that way under pressure. Drilled the sump and fitted that after collecting the ECU from Ralph. It will have to wait now until I'm over my hangover haha but yeah would be REALLY surprised if it wasn't running by Monday afternoon.
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    we would normally loose power for 2 to 3 days after a cyclone having a generator is just so much peace of mind don't have to worry about food spoiling, pool going green or not getting my internet/gaming fix also get brownie points with neighbor when I run a lead over to her house for her fridge/freezer
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    Yeh because a 40 minute trip would really out weigh some mechanic who “stuffs around” using your words .... buy a coffee, get in the car and get it done right ! They even have brand new loan cars
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    mate offered me his old watercooling bits so we decided to fit them up. old apogee gtz waterblock, big twin 120mm radiator (60mm thick or something crazy), cheap chinese pump with res built in (hidden). all this for an extra 200mhz clock speed (might be able to go further) but it idles at like 30C when before it would be 40-50C idle. When I go for a new CPU/mobo/ram I'll probably get a proper waterblock as we drilled the holes out in this one which was originally for socket 1366.
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    Focused on photo/video TODAY the $5k Mac would equal something we could build at those specs. "Almost as good" we could build a machine and include a 4k screen, decent mouse and decent keyboard for that price. Half the price would get a bloody great full system that would work.
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    Hopefully as it really needs the cat back section of the exhaust to be done and I’m sure with around 15psi we could be in the 320+ zone ! Then a bigger turbo and E85 works well too lol
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    Pretty soon you would end up spending lots on the F6 to maintain it.
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    hell yeah come pick us up n do some skids. I'll show ya the fury a stock hilux can unleash while we're at it....
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    too bad that's not stock looking bcb use this example of a car with no good looking angles at all, that rear is all sorts of feked up and a grille from a 90s kia. oh so tuff
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    who cares. it looks ugly. will never be on par with these
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    puffwagon, there would be enough memory to do this but this. With the release this week we are adding all the Drivetrain Protection parameters and manual launch control Ford put in the late MK IIs so there may be something there for you. My priorities here are to deliver the list on the forum and then once this is working see if there is anything extra required. My heart says put in a Wide band in place of the second O2 sensor and do things like Ethanol level % or LPG detection as well as helping tuning. I am not even sure we will have to time available to go much beyond what is committed on the Forum. We will want to move this level of tuning onto our next project
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    Modern interior, tech and safety features for one...
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    Hey @Mustangman570 why dont you get a list together of what you want and ill happily source everything for you, box it up and send it to you through a Pack n send company /TNT/HPS style company that way you will get the right parts first time if you're interested buzz me a PM
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    The boss has left for Japan today for 2 weeks Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    Update on my Territory, ran a 13.3 last night on the quarter with me braking before the line cos was going to break out running DYO, so should have a 13.1 in it. Stock cooler was really battling so next step is a front mount, battery side intake & valvesprings to hopefully get down towards mid 12s. Id definitely recommend going bigger than 40lb on injectors as not a massive price diff and allows for future mods. Driveline wise, at about 300kwaw my ZF is starting to flare a bit (although it has done 180k) so I won’t feel too comfortable pushing it much more, no wheel spin of course being 4WD so launches are pretty hard. Il probably stick with early 300kws and hopefully consistent mid/high 12s to save having to drop big money on a built box. Apparently the input shafts are often first to go in the ZFs.
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    Yep, I stole the P clamp idea from Nizpro. But now I use it for oil line.
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    To make big big power you need RPM. To make RPM you need modified cams. It's always been the same.
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    I can get some better ones tomorrow if you want, they're just some old photos I had
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    I have the engine out of it at the moment, making some changes and seeing how we go with some development. I will update this when it’s all back together
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