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    Just picked up our brand new MY18 Landcruiser Prado, pretty happy with it indeed Got the Genuine HD tow bar, floor mats and scratch protectors for door grab handles and YY plates and a full tank of diesel ( 170ltr twin tank )
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    Thought I'd share my new ride. Finally managed to pick her up after a long time looking. A huge thanks to the fordxr6turbo.com forums some great information on what to look out for! 2012 - Build 504 - Manual
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    Wow its finally in and started first time this afternoon. Been a while between posts but here is some happy snaps along the way.
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    Decking done Dragon trees in pots Just need to do the pebbles around the pool and the pots. Starting to look good now.
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    Cheese stuffed onion rings, mushroom, bacon and mozzarella stuffed chicken breast Italian style as per jets request
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    Penultimate day in my current Job. New job doesn't start till next yeah. Can I get a yeh boooooooi..?
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    just by coincidence I bought a car for my wife too last weekend.... its no prado though @Frederick...
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    Some pics from the MR2 day. https://imgur.com/a/6ZXAp
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    my desktop background makes me want to go for a ride . . . . . . . . . can't work out why
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    Although I genuinely feel for you if this is legit...
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    New goodies, CP Pistons, I beam Spool Rods 14mm headstuds, Spool Girdle and a Ross racing balancer plus all the other usual fruit.
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    Kieth argues with the world v186858288451285128
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    WMMFG: VCE results in today for the son - awesome results - worst mark for the year was a was a B (3A+'s, 3A's, 6B+'s, 3B's) Definitely got the score he needs to get into the course he wants to do next year :D
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    Hahaha that price made me laugh.
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    I <3 Bananasn golden to many serious people out there
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    Got my rocker cover painted Phantom Purple
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    More goodies have arrived, after much thought I decided to opt for a set of Stage 4 Crows, 275’s. I was pleasantly surprised looking at there grinds they offer a good alternative to Atomic / TBRE etc etc, these are in between Atomic stage 4 and 4.5’s, Plus are billet too which is a bonus. These are the biggest cams they offer before you have to delete vct and run vernier gears.
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    Some pics I took ... Day 1 VIC's on way to Tumut At Tumut Motor Inn At Old Tumut Train Station Enjoying dinner and drinks at Oriental Hotel, Tumut
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    Dropped it at CMS this arvo. Will probably take a few weeks to sort out the gremlins it has. Asides from that it's getting: CMS stage 2 cams (new billets) Head studs New valve springs and retainers Atomic vernier cam gears Atomic timing chain Atomic hardened sprocket Atomic tensioner and guide Definately looking forward to getting it back, have heard these cams in other cars and I'm a fan.
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    Nice clear skies for the run up to Hotham this morning
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    Road through Namadji was brilliant - made enduring the dirt road beforehand worthwhile. Plus the start of it is 20 mins from home.
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    Decided to stop and grab some more boost. Lag was horrible and took far too long to spool up :(
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    Just want to say a massive sincere thankyou to the absolute LEDGEND [email protected] got my beast back after he finshed tuning/fixing it. I was a bit nervous about the whole process ( you know what if he cant do this what if he cant fix that etc etc) as id had alot of bad luck/experiences with cars in the past but the man has exceeded my expectations far beyond belief!!! My car goes like it should now and the power levels that just keep on climbing and climbing througout the gears is F'n orgasmic. I can not speak highly of this guy, not only is he very professional in his work, work ethics and tuning he is actually great guy to deal with also which makes the experience just that much better. Becoming a member of the 300 club also made it even more special. I highly [email protected] to anyone in SA or wherever you may be around the country if you want to unleash the full potential of your pride and joy!!!! Once again thankyou sooo [email protected] for everything you have done for me it has been a more than immeasurable experience. Oh ps he even gives ya really cool stickers that add an even further 10KW to your car........I know right....the guy just keeps on giving and giving [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16] I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
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    my desktop background makes me want to go for a ride . . . . . . . . . can't work out why
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    So I've been keeping up with what has been happening but I just haven't posted much. A very big thank you to a fellow forum member who gave me an amazing deal on an intercooler kit he had upgraded from. Transformed the car. Always has power now instead of heat soaking the little baby stock core after one pull. So nothing crazy has been done to the car but I've fitted the process west stepped cooler and a cheap ebay turbo side and battery relocation. I'd recommend the plaz kit over the ebay kit it's way better but I made it work. Car makes fun noises now and feels way better. Whiteline sway bars made it much nicer on turn in and just better all round. Stiff setting all round for maximum fun. That stuff has been on for a while and last night I fitted semi slicks to the front. Very happy with them. Gonna be fitting some ebc reds to the front and running it around eastern creek for the mcm day in a couple of weeks. Very excited at the moment. I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
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    Noice! A few weeks ago huds and I made a kinder surprise cake
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    Not really the old man gets an xmas ham and single malt scotch that he wouldn't have gotten himself or off his own bat the old girl gets a full day at the Peninsula Hot Springs with brekkie/lunch with either dad or my sister that she wouldn't have done otherwise Those aren't things they'd be comfortable receiving normally On xmas day they're wrapped and that gives both them and me pleasure Not really I may get socks and jocks this year - or a doonah/sheet set - or a bottle of hot sauce - or a voucher for a night out - or a set of tyres for my car Not for one second do I do any sort of calculations of monetary value - the thought process in choosing the gift (if any) speaks more than the value of it Card/vouchers are fantastic for teens/young adults - I've found they start to plan what they're going to get with the gift card pretty much as soon as they are given it. For some cash would go on their bills/ciggies/booze/hookers etc - at least the voucher "forces" them to grab an actual item and lets them pick one they want. With a voucher you're able to give them a narrower focus of where to spend it and lets them know you have some understanding of their interests ("Hey - a game for the console mum and dad gave you for xmas", "Hey - I know you want to get a decent ski jacket - go find yourself a decent one", "Hey - I know you've just moved into your own place and are starting the garden - go pick some nice plants/decorations from Bunnings") Also lets them take advantage of boxing day sales - maybe they can find a 2 for 1 deal or decent discount, allowing them to stack the stocking a bit higher or get an item that would have been out of the budget otherwise. Next time you visit - "Hey Rab - come play this game/look at the jacket I chose/have some tomatoes from the veggie patch we made" I don't think there's a person that matters that I don't see/talk to regularly enough that I need to make it a special event for xmas lol, or that a visit from me would be considered a present
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    Getting the old girl down the coast for some fresh air. What made me feel good. Just missing a roo at 135km/h and the truck collecting it in the opposite lane half a second later.
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    Ok. . . . . . . . . so that was a bad example
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    Tells us how rich he is... Nek minit... complains about the price of fuel.
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    If you dont mind. Crispy pork noodle salad. Its sooooo good.
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    Bath room in progress. Old one was 46 years old! Tiling starts today..
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    Should we add it to the list of stuff I tell you to do/not do and you don’t listen anyway had a very good mate who is also a highly regarded import tuner have to help out an exhaust workshop here in SA who got caught up in “fixing” a BA turbo that was tuned originally by another tune shop.... hell of a story I know but keep up .... anyway the owner of said exhaust shop did the baseline run and isn’t “fully” up with what’s what on the turbo falcon as any half knowledgeable operator wouldn’t of gone much past 1/4 run looking at the way the data was being recorded against the dyno ( one could only assume anyway ) the BA turbo had a set of Siemens deka 60’s which isn’t a bad injector unlike it’s bigger brother the 80’s that are terrible for the falcon, anyway very few seem to know how to get the Deka range to work well and my mate asked if I could help him out, It’s Idling at 12.0 AFR and drinks a tank of 98 in 300kms the report was with a list of other complaints ...no worries but being a fair gap away from where this exhaust place was and I knew he could at least complete the tune to a fair level if I helped him out who was ultimately helping out said exhaust shop The poor old BA turbo had a list of mods including a GTX3582 and crap intercooler fuel pump, full xforce exhaust port and flapper, Garrett actuator,60lb dekas etc etc He sent me the file and boy ..... yep setting the Low slope ( idle/cruise ) injector scaler as the same as the High slope ( full load/throttle ) will do that with a list of areas that were some what questionable, keeping the license I built my base tune up and emailed it to him whilst on the dyno and this is what I’ve managed to generate without even being in the car BLUE = another workshops tune (26psi) RED = my first tune, yep tune 1 (14psi) Now I’m not going to say 26psi on a stock BA bottom end isn’t “fully sick” but the mad lean spot as it’s being “fully sick” is dangerous to a rotating bottom end made of toothpicks Anyway after my good mate built off of what I’ve given him it all came in much cleaner and smoother but pretty much settled in at what you see here, I think it’s extremely important to pick the place that tunes your car carefully or at least pick a place that will call me in to fix what they’ve buggered up haha on a brighter note I had @ripped6 bring his beautiful FG mk2 back in again for a general dyno check up and a few new tunes to load up for the installation of a Ngauge, now last time it made 476rwkw but had to much power in down low and we just could get grip at the track ( literally blazing the M/T’s hard !! ) so consideration was taken to ramp boost in slightly more progressively this time and focus on giving the car a chance to hook up and use it’s legs to trap a good time with the boost target at 19psi hit ( vs the old 21.5 ) then ramping up to 22psi I managed to nudge into the 480 zone a few times but making the car a touch less aggressive down low well proof was in the pudding when Jarrad went out Friday night to the off street drags at A.I.R managing to get the previous 60fts from the 1.9 zone to the 1.6’s and the first 1000 feet absolutely rocketing to look like potential 10.3’s-10.5’s when the ol ZF 3-4 shift didn’t want a bar of it and just wouldn’t go into gear and required a bit of “lift off” to complete the passes ... so close but not quite with doing a few 10.8’s @ 130mph’s unfortunately Jarrads ZF has been struggling for some time before I became his tuner and a previous workshop had done a ZF tune that literally damaged the ZF to a point when he first came to me we both believed it was rebuild time as it was so bad, throwing every trick in the book at it has made it come back to life but the 3-4 change has been hit n miss forever, oh well we can only do what we can do but the data is showing on a clean run we can really be at that mid 10 second street car mark ! Last time out we were at 10.8’s with a huge 134mph’s but 2.0-1.9 60’s we’ve now got the 60’s down and 3/4 track but that back end stuff around with the changing gear is just costing us big time unfortunately..... rage lol Huge efforts to @ripped6 and thanks again for letting me work on your pride and joy
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    Who's Cam and why do you want his ass? It may have got passed that you can gay marry, but it's not compulsory.
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    Kids are back tonight for more 18yo shenanigans. In the loungeroom. Just streamed this to the TV on repeat - am tipping they won't know how to turn it off. Do I win?
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    Ok so HPT easily pulled the tune from the car and I'm able to edit the tune
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    Knock one off and the rest disappear like magic....proven method.
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    wait till they're in their teenage years and wake em up early I say
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    Ummm next available is mid March haha and you’ll think I’m joking happy days boys had Mark bring his 500rwkw ute in for a service, intank upgrade to a walbro 460 E85 Hi pressure unit and E85 submersible ribbed line and dressing up the engine bay with a FG NA coil cover Helped @JoshF6 out with some Atomic stage 4 cams,12mm Head studs and 28mm OD washers unfortunately it’s a box pik and not that type hahahaha
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    Okay - who washed the car before sorting out their unpacking when they got home Well I gotta say - what a great long weekend that was Great bunch of guys with a common interest in their XR cars and driving them on fantastically twisty panoramic roads in the Snowy Mountains and (for some) the VIC Alpine National Park. From me - heart-felt thanks for joining the cruise and helping to make it fun and educational. There were the perenials Rab and k31th. Many thanks for Rab in helping to organise the cruise and be the other CC, and k31th with his gems of wisdom about our cars ... Then there was EL Andrew who reckons he learnt more about how his car handles this weekend then before. And YLD127 who we know now is not the mild mannered 1 poster and couldn't stop saying the same thing at the end of every days' drive "now that's why I bought this car". Who could forget Pookey who thankfully decided last minute to come - always seeking the boundaries with k31th (even to the point where I had to drive back a bit to seek them from that wrong boundary ...) And farrk - I must have studied the BOM radar and weather charts so much this weekend - but who'd guess mother nature would smile on us and turned on a whopper of a weekend. We a lot of hot weather and mostly escaped the heavy rains (who remembers sippin beers at the Oriental whilst the deluge came down after dinner...) to the point where we thought it was inevitable would be driving in a hailstorm at some point but guess what - last day totally blue skies and blissful driving weather. I had some things happen as usual - 3 cracks on the windscreen courtesy of cars in front and me pulling up in Ovens (after doing Mt Buffulo) to find my front tyre blown. But thankfully nothing else (oh apart from the near miss with Rab who *cough* never *cough* touches the XCAL cable whilst flashing at home but for some reason on this cruise in the middle of nowhere between Hume Highway and Tumut with no mobile coverage and logger trucks pissing by at 100km/h - decides to yank out his cable whilst downloading his petrol tune ... apparently it was not comfortable driving into Tumut with quasimodo tune that disables air-conditioning whilst its 33 degC outside and who knows what else...) All good memories now. Some stats for me: Avg Econ 12.5 l/100km Fuel Used 215.8 litres Time in Saddle 91 hrs Total km round trip (for me) 1715 km over 4 days Beer and Tawny Port - who knows To be honest - time went by so quickly - I'm sitting at home wondering where the weekend went. I guess that's what happens when you're enjoying yourself. I'll post up some pics as well soon. Planning for the Tassie cruise in Mar has started - hope there are some guys interested in joining us. No date in Mar chosen yet - but likely to be Spirit of Tassie over on a Thu night for Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon driving then back on the Spirit Mon night for arrival back in Melb on a Tue morning.
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    Managed to finish off and tidy things out the front on the weekend. Here's what it was like when I moved in: I started from scratch with the garden beds, deleted a garden bed by the entrance and put the stepping stone pavers in to open that up a bit more. Will be nice once the plants grow a bit and my flowering ash tree grows a heap bigger.
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    The beast is now complete and the tedious job of running in the new hardware ( mainly the diff ) is in full swing and clocking up ~500kms of super easy driving not exceeding 80kms followed by another 500kms of medium paced driving there afterwards few pictures for the people who are interested and no it wasn’t anywhere near that clean coming out haha Remember ladies full mineral Diff oil for TruTracks Also this week I had Paul’s supercharged FG XR6 come back into the workshop for a ZF tune and a general health check most things were on par and one of the things I really get into is the fact the car started life NA and now has a total of 8psi of intercooled boost thrown at her on what’s not the greatest platform ( hi comp and 98 octane fuel with average intake temps ) so the care needed on the timing scales has to be high priority ( imho ) and something I always do for a visual AFTER <- ( YES AFTER ) having a fully calibrated aftermarket knock detection device going and watching the halarity of the very UN CALIBRATED VCM scanner KR PID going bananas it gives a fair amount of information on exactly what is coming out the exhaust from the cylinder events in almost the same way “reading” of spark plugs is done, some old school tuners can tune from reading plugs and exhaust tips alone but more on the side of lower powered NA applications where the error factor can be greater .... a video can also show situations that might not show in any logging but possibly still having an effect on engine performance dramatically and or health like piston blow by or valve stem seals now an exhaust stream can show rich fueling and in the bad situation “puffs” when a timing mark has caused a Knock event, you’ll notice that at the ol Dyno Days there will typically be one bloke hanging back having a look as it’s quick, easier than setting up a logger and multiple KNock/ping events will kill an engine in no time !! wanted to share some of the things I do and explain why I do them for anyone keeping up with the tips n tricks I throw out throughout the course of this thread a video helps right and obviously this is showing no issues throughout the pull Here’s a well run Dyno Day from K.P.M showing the exact situation I spoke about
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    When the new GTP brake setup arrives.
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    The missus made this for our daughters birthday. Should be good for a soon to be three year old!
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    Keep VCT, the positives out-way the negatives.
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