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  1. Have them on gumtree, just realised they aren't falcon ones but shows size would do them for $25 for the pair
  2. Sorry Aidan no need here Arron, I have a pair, I'll confirm later this arvo for you. Brand new in plastic
  3. Actually a great option, a charger puts minimal AC ripple through them thus prolonging its life
  4. First world probs
  5. Haha I'm lazy and just use the main tv remote (standard viera) or the app.
  6. yep. Experience at track > type of car* * usually
  7. You will enjoy it I never did timed laps on the long track, but managed a 58.013 in a 1799kg 315rwhp barge on the short track. So that's your FG yard stick
  8. Oh yep! How the car squats hard and you sink in the seat !
  9. Kinda. It's quick to get them, longer to maximise them. The esses are the best part of the track. If you can get to the high end of 4th (in a street falcon) whilst nailing the apexes going through them you are flying - best feeling. As it's either glory or wall.
  10. There's a certain gap between atomic stud products and the block of the competition
  11. So when are you upgrading the turbo? Seems like it's a touch small for the engine ?
  12. Nothing like a niapro finish
  13. I had to change hard coolant lines (around the back of the engine), the FG turbo oil & coolant lines are larger diameter and slightly different orientation, intercooler pipework was a pain with FG manifolds and BF pipework, FG throttle body calibrations ... etc Tldr: get a nizpro B series plenum lol
  14. Changed coils directly after a 40 min drive. sh*t was warm haha
  15. It just clicked. Hey lance ! Luke (aka Ralph W) tunes my wagon. I know Ellenbrook is quite the trek for you given rocko, but I can honestly say he's worth a go for tuning & car setup, he has done a few turbo converted cars now, and WANTS to help the small guys (ie: us), and yeah give him a PM ;p