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  1. MitchJ

    Pbr Rear Brakes

    Thought I'd post here instead of opening a new thread, I understand you need to trim the backing plate on the rears prior to installing the PBR calipers. Just wanted to query what this thing actually does and how much I should be looking to take off it? Like, if I cut it with 5mm clearance to the caliper have I gone too far or if I leave 5mm of it left on the axle have I not cut back far enough?
  2. Yep vanish blue. Took me a few months to find one in it at the time, it's a great colour but it does show every mark
  3. Haven't taken as many pictures as I should... here's one from pick up day. Doesn't get driven much so is still that clean (at the moment anyway)
  4. Hey guys, new member. Have owned an FG MK2 XR6T as a weekender/occasional daily for coming up two years now, I've so far resisted the urge to modify too much out of respect to my bank account but the Covid lockdown has me bored. First thing I'm doing is upgrading the rotors and pads on the brakes and swapping the rear calipers for the Territory ones; got a lot of value out of the posts on this board so thought I should at least sign up!
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