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  1. @MR_FG_09just to clarify did you have to get the front guards rolled as well to fit the 18x9.5+18 with the 245/40 tyre? I can't tell for sure but it looks like you have brembos as well? The guys at Rota weren't too sure about this offset with brembos.
  2. Is that +30 on the front and +38 on the rears? From what I can tell that seems like the best set up. I have the red PBR callipers on the rear so should fit with no dramas then. Do you have any rubbing and did you need to roll the guards? Thanks
  3. @dl86I realise this is 8 years old now so getting a reply might be a long shot but did everything work out ok with the wheels/tyres in the end? I'm looking at this set up. TIA
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