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    Things that go Vroom... Boom... & beep beep! I don't pretend to know a lot about cars because I don't, I'm here to contribute positively as a member of the XR6T community.

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  1. Yes, thanks for that... concerning the more particulars regarding walbro 460lph + 1000cc injec. & best suitable bar fuel pressure regulator to run & why?
  2. Hey fella's, interesting I just came across your post. I'm just going through a similar dilemma regarding this topic. I've installed the Walbro 460 pod on my XR6T BA Ute & will be running 1000cc injectors BUT thoughts on the fuel pressure regulator? I see some stay with the standard 4bar others replace it with a 3.3bar or other? I'm unsure of the facts behind the theory... if anyone can explain, that be appreciated? I do assume it has something to do with using E85 & 98... or larger injectors requiring more/less? The old one I pulled out of mine was a 4bar... but which shall I replace it with after the fuel mods... thoughts? tx ;-)
  3. I guess... every suggestion helps however so helpful.
  4. Wow... I'm only 7 pages too late, I need more attentiveness & what size valve caps do I need ? ; P Perhaps I can share my experience as a newer member to the site / the topic & as a mature gentleman (?). I guess a fresh set of eyes recently looking from the outside in, this may or may not be helpful. I hope it is... if not be positive. Small fish taste sweet... if there was options for smaller donations ( $2, $4, $8 & $ 10 ) you'd get a whole lot more people coming & leaving without 'Not saying thanks' but by leaving a small donation. This was mentioned in earlier posts... I think for many a minimum sub or donation of $20 is quite considerable for some who are randomly searching for "spark plug gap" or "injectors to use" which could be a lot (in their mind) for a one off internet search "who knows" & joined up anyways. Advertising & Companies I think businesses & advertising 'here' has been poor, you'd think with the steady monopoly in the market place for XR6T 'bits-&-bobs' they'd spend a little advertising on the fordXR6turbo forum??? I guess that's why the yanky companies just know how to take everything business to a whole new level & the enthusiasts have heaps of 'bits-&-bobs' plus enjoy the reward of R&D on the forum for all to benefit. I don't get paid by them nor sponsored so... they're on their own, no suggestions for them lul o,0 Yearly subscription Pro's - A small yearly subscription (I.e. $2.99 p/yr) consider perhaps a 1 month (limited access) free trial for new members otherwise new members might just be afraid of what they get for their money & go elsewhere. We have 60k members even getting 10%+ of these would be positive thinking. Con's - Users argue why pay for a forum which advertising should be paying for (argument ?), forums are suppose to be free (?). Yearly subscription WILL limit members & limit the exposure to our advertising &/or traffic coming & staying (?) Donating As a new member I do a very small amount of browsing late at night (once in a while) whilst sipping on a Port whilst eyelids close... only to suddenly reopen to hear the sound of the 'computer mouse' hitting the floor... whilst left hand firmly clasps glass of Port liquid safely motionless in glass 'yes'... bravo saved!! Ohh... where was I? Yes, that thread I was reading that I never read... that I will read one day, which I was going to read... but I didn't read it bugger! BUT, I feel compelled to donate for logging on & accidentally looking at the title & falling asleep (?) I guess... this is what we need to avoid (falling asleep?). Remembering, members find their way 'here' via random traffic, searches or may only see one page of content... so we need to make it user friendly for them to donate small amounts if they wish. If you consider the possible amount those whom 'may or may not' have donated in the past $1 or $2 or $4 who knows could be 'zero or thousands' (?) I think asking for large amounts starting at $20 -$50+ is quite substantial for any 'forum setting' for any new member. As mentioned in earlier posts... these sorts of donations are normally made by old members who've had the fruits of using the forum for many years &/or rewarded with unique benefits, avatar etc. Conclusion Perhaps a gradual changes... maybe implement small changes first? A new web host was mentioned if that's suitable financially? Try adding small donations $2, $4 etc. first, maybe small gradual changes to the forum you might find the big changes aren't necessary(?) Dunno, it's a whole lot of gibberish to me what I wrote, so I don't expect most of you to know what I was talking about.... but at the end of the day we all care about each other & our cars with the bits-&-bobs we put on them. We all have like-minded goals, objectives & toot toot vhrroom vvvtooshh with the turbo sounding thingie noise if u like that... so about those valve caps?
  5. Thanks, Typhoon for your update. It sounds awesome & you have a very exciting tinker time ahead that's going to be fun fun fun. I might have to get in touch with JETURBO @ JD Tuning nutt out an action plan as what to do with my XR6T BA UOOTE.
  6. Any updates from you chaps who've been fortunate enough to try out the new Haltech? I'm keen to hear how it's working out & your honest opinions? Tx in advance.
  7. Redlightandy asked if they looked gay or okay... I think anything fly's as long as your okay with it Redlightandy. I think you got some solid advice on how it should be 'above' if you wish to make cosmetic changes. ... and I'm an too old to be busting my cherry replying on my first post lul. But it's got to happen some time, are your the lucky winner winner chicken dinner.
  8. Definitely going to turn heads buddy with those awesome stripes. A trendsetter... in the making... lul. o,0

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