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ZF8 8-Speed Transmission


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well well well, I was looking around some barra suppliers sites to see if anyone has black friday sales (Golebys are doing a sale on friday, FYI ;) )


Stumbled on this from dominator motorsports!!!!

Looks like this will be in fact be an option in the future. Definitely going to keep my eyes on this 👀 



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I'm putting one in, in 6 months. Have all the parts sorted, biggest cost is standalone GCU. There is a mob in England already doing the conversion plate for the barra. Will need base maps and tuning some is supplied. Main wiring harness is supplied. I will be using the ZF8HP75 rated to 750nm but apparently these things are very strong and will handle much more stock and have a larger and stronger input shaft. Cost is just under 5k if you can do most of it. Which is cheaper than a zf6 re build these days. The boxes are identical in dimensions. 

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