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Saturday 28Th March - '15 Cruise

Krazy Kyle

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Ooooooo....if everyone on this page comes...we'll be up to 11!

Add Stever, Kerb Warrior, turbotrana, Lennox then we hit the first target.

Con Wiggum into coming and his mate Turboknapp, Mummba, Masda and there might be a few I've forgotten....then we'll have an awesome cruise!

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So can you make it on the 28th Phill? I can make it out on the 28th as well, but it has to be late afternoon or evening.

Misses is still doing Friday night shifts, which means she sleeps from 9am till 2/3pm.

We have not had a huge turnout for a while. Lets see if we can get everyone on this Cruise.

Ninka(Alan) has not been on a cruise for a long time. Wouldn't mind catching up again.

Does he still lurk in the background on the forum?

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