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  1. Happy Birthday seventytwo!

  2. Happy Birthday seventytwo!

  3. Happy Birthday seventytwo!

  4. Happy Birthday seventytwo!

  5. Rear Control Arm Failure

    Unfortunately work and family commitments do that to you.
  6. Rear Control Arm Failure

    Hi Pat, Do you know if the BA/BF control arms are interchangable,
  7. Rear Control Arm Failure

    Stock springs and yes the sway bar is 22mm, not sure if the bar had anything to do with it or there is not enough meat on the control arm at that point
  8. Rear Control Arm Failure

    Looks like this is not uncommon. A nasty surprise waiting for me after a few months OS, droped the car car off the stands and take it for a drive to blow out the cobwebs, on turning back into the drive way I heard a rather loud bang from the rear end, put the car back on the jacks and find the sway bar linkage punch right through the lower control arm.
  9. Happy Birthday seventytwo!

  10. Turbo Timer Thread (Merged Topic)

    Just have a read through the threads in 'similar topics' below and you should find the answers you are looking for.
  11. Ram Air!

    Perfect for brake ducts on the occasional track day.
  12. Help! Your Thoughts?

    Its a bit more than just a stone tray, but how about grabbing another under tray cutting it up and have it plastic welded to the original
  13. I'm sure it was the stage one piping that got you over the line in the end. Good work buddy.
  14. Fg Security

    Getting is easy, the hard bit is starting them and driving off.
  15. Sporks.....

    Zappo, your pic is a spork, splades have a serrated edge on one side so are a combination of all three fighting irons

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