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  1. Hey Brett, car was going good last time I drove it..... 7 months ago haha Its a real easy kit to fit mate. I cut the rear diff mount off the cradle and fitted the IMS hat with its bushes and metal upright sections onto the diff then sat it into the cradle with the 2 front diff mounts done up. with it just sitting there the upright parts were perfectly resting on the cradle. Tacked it on with the mig, ripped the diff out and then welded it all up. As Ralph said you can't really go wrong with it. We had mine out and then back in the car in about 2 hours with a dirty kebab for lunch in the middle.
  2. Couple of pics of the IM diff hat upgrade in did on my car. I managed to snap a strengthened factory hat that was in it so going to this one was the next step up. Really happy with it and the car feels stronger in the back. http:// http:// http://
  3. I did a 6 speed conversion on mine years ago. You don't necessarily need a reverse lock out, but it is easier to get it into reverse with one. From memory (I could be very wrong) from factory the 6 speed cars have the lockout wired to clutch switch. We wired my lockout up to the brake power so I have to have my brakes on to be able to select reverse. You won't need to change anything with the ecu. Hope this helps.
  4. Happy Birthday XAH03!

  5. Jeeeezzz man, I thought you would've kept this under your hat for a few more weeks haha ? Can't wait for the next round of JET066
  6. Happy Birthday XAH03!

  7. I might talk to my brother and see if he's interested in a set of them, if they do improve grip it would be something he needs especially in a ute. I'm going to get under it a pull it apart tomorrow arvo. It does feel like the diff is floating in the car, it might be that the bolts are located.
  8. The u bolts are done up tight, checked them lastnight. We'll replace those spring pads and see how that goes. Looking under the car they seem to be the most worn so hopefully it's them.
  9. The bushes don't budge, that's what's got me confused. I would have thought that the bushes on the leafs would be buggered but they are fine
  10. We've got a problem with my brothers BF turbo ute. He was telling me about it a few weeks ago and as the car doesn't get driven much I hadn't had a drive of it until today. It's seems like when it's accelerating the rear end is swaying, it doesn't go just one way but goes left or right depending on the angle of the road. The tyres aren't loosing traction and when I drove behind it the car crab walks down the road. We've been underneath it to look at the bushes but couldn't see much. It's been lowered on Pedders leafs about 3 years ago and is making around 450hp with a t56. I'm thinking it may be the rubbers where the U bolts are but does anyone have an idea what it could be?
  11. XAH03

    Jet066 Reborn

    It liked me when I hand my hands in its insides, multiple times
  12. XAH03

    Jet066 Reborn

    After touching this car I fell pregnant........
  13. Happy Birthday XAH03!

  14. Here's one that was at the V8's in Townsville. It was huge, 6 doors and a fair amount of chrome

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