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  1. Happy Birthday XXRLNT!

  2. Happy Birthday XXRLNT!

  3. Happy Birthday XXRLNT!

  4. Blkf6

    is it manually and is it from vic???
  5. Gt Spolier And F6 Questions

  6. Big Problems Pls Help

    f*ck mines doing the same thing :( have you fixed it yet?? what was the problem ?
  7. My 414Rwk Bf F6

    I am not sure if he even put in a kaaz that's what he said he put in I dont belive one thing this guy says I have heard that kaaz is pretty expensive anyway so dont think he put one in
  8. My 414Rwk Bf F6

    I have never had a spool but been in a car that has had one it wasn't that bad the kazz is f**ked I haven't done a u turn because I haven't been driving the car even my mechanic said if I keep driving it its going to break the drive shaft that's how bad it is. just turning the car is bad :( but the thing is I didn't ask for a kazz I asked true trac still don't under stand y the f**K he put one in :f*ckyou:
  9. My 414Rwk Bf F6

    man don't recommend dandydifferentials to anyone else lol. I dropped my car off last week to get a true trac fitted the *beep* put a kazz diff locker in the car it is making a loud knocking noise when I turn sounds like a mini spool :( trying to get my money back now but I don't think it will happen he is not picking up my phone calls. I have been back to the shop a few times but he is all ways drunk. the car is at addicted performance now so should have the car back this week with a true trac
  10. Happy Birthday purplehaze!!

  11. Happy Birthday hobble!

  12. Happy Birthday Scubzz!

  13. Happy Birthday XXRLNT!

  14. Thanks Daniel @springy Performance

    when you taking me for a spine??? after seeing the dyno graph now I want to go for a spine lol

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