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  1. Happy Birthday macka'sxr6t!

  2. Happy Birthday macka'sxr6t!

  3. Happy Birthday macka'sxr6t!

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  10. Happy Birthday macka'sxr6t!

  11. Lownsey should hand his shame. Never means never, retire and make a come back to the blue oval in 2 years WINCUP IS A WANKER he was going to retire in 3 years we now know how he can a FORD it !!!!!!!! Man I hope triple nuff nuff nuff win, the applause will be deafening but the booooooes I will hear in Mildura
  12. Hi chaps haven't posted for quite a long time When I first heard the news I was shocked but not surprised 888 team boss pretty much said he was gonna make a change when Ford wound back it's involvement in V8 Supercars. After reading your comments I'm over the team change. I do feel sorry for Dicky Johnson though he finely has a competitive car again and another rock takes him out. What makes people think that 888 will immediately start winning races for Expensive Daewoo next year, HRT have'nt been able to do it and they're the factory backed team that has the biggest budget. There is something inherently wrong with the Expensive Daewoo package there is not one consistent Expensive Daewoo team going around. HRT haven't been able to find the problem and they have been building crappadoors for years People soon forget that it took 888 several years to be competitive consistently. It may take some time for 888 to stumble across a solution to Holdens inconsistency and make it flow like the FG Falcon. I for one will be happy to watch them sink or swim. It's now up to the Ford sponsored teams to step up and justify Fords faith in them and start producing results. Ford now needs to get their best driver line up together in one team aka Frosty and Courtney together in FPR cars and lift their game. For those that think the V8's are dying, event crowd numbers and merchandise sales would suggest otherwise. It's only your interest that has diminished so enough of the dooms day crap. As for Production car racing pfftt seen it before, "I'd rather watch paint dry"
  13. Is'nt Craig Lowdnes a ford contracted driver? He has been the main face for ford in the V8 series since his crossover from the dark side and Ambroses departure to the US. You would have thought they would have supported him and T8 a little better than that. They have clearly given ford the best exposure and return for their money than any other ford team. I will be hoping that the can make it three in a row at Bathurst this year and either T8 driver wins the championship just to show them what fools the decision makers at ford really are. It would be even better if they did it again next year with out their support
  14. Yes how often have we heard that voice inside our heads tells us you should'nt be doing this and we choice to ignore it. So have the car detailers given you some sort of guarantee that they can remove the overspray. Sure the cut and polish will remove the overspray from the paint work but what about all the plastic and rubber and your windows. If they don't get it all off Try some metho or turps and plenty of clean soft rags and some old fashion elbow grease. I'm a painter by trade and these 2 products will shift most acrylic oversprays and will not damage paint work. Acrylic will come of the rubber and glass pretty easily the plastic is another problem. Try either product on a part of the plastic that you cannot easily see to see which one works best. Have a good quality plastic & rubber rejuvinator handy and treat each section you clean ASAP. You need to get on to it before the acrylic cures. I can understand your p@ssed of but the longer you leave it for someone else to clean off the harder it will be. I would be cleaning the rubber and plastic myself and billing them for my time Good luck Disclaimer This is the method that I would use if it were my car and I accept no responsibility what so ever if you chose to use it on your car it is purely a suggestion and a course of action should the detailing be unsuccessfull. As in the case of any chemicals on surfaces, please try a test patch in a spot that is hard to see to check for reactions and effects on surfaces.
  15. that's a nice boat and great choice of anchor. Should have waited a little longer for the new Ford. If the picture that's on the cover a the mag I was looking at today is accurate it will make the Expensive Daewoo look like the piece of recall crap that it is.

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