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  1. Happy Birthday Gettin_sideways!

  2. Happy Birthday Gettin_sideways!

  3. Happy Birthday Gettin_sideways!

  4. Happy Birthday Gettin_sideways!

  5. Hey fellas, I have xr6 bonnet taking up room in the garage and looking to off load it, any ideas how much it's worth? Or who would buy it in the ACT, Panelbeater, wreckers? Cheers
  6. Happy Birthday Gettin_sideways!

  7. ... me two, wanna see what all the rave is about!
  8. Im 2nd Watto's reply, more pics plz! reckon this would look sick on my Blits vented bonnet
  9. That is one wicked shot!!!
  10. Gettin_sideways


    Hey mate nice setup!!! do you have anyumore photos of your nitrous setup? Im curious to see how you setup the switches in the cabin and see the plumbing in the engine bay. I always wanted to see a xr6 turbo with a nitrous setup
  11. Hey yeah I finally found the problem. Underneath the seat there are 4 screws that attach the seat to the rails. The frame around the front 2 screws had cracked and warped, allowing the screws to bend and flex. In the end I pulled the seat out of the car, deattached the seat frame (easy as piss) and welded the cracks back together. It fixed the problem right up and the seat has been solid as ever since. Pretty easy to fix, and alot cheaper then buying a new chair.
  12. Ok my drivers side seat is loose as and leans forward under mild/heavy braking as much as an inch or 2. I tried looking under the seat thinking one of the bolts holding it on was loose but they all seemed firmly in place. Problem seems to be the adjusting brackets as the passengers seat is solid as and doesnt have them. I need to get it fixed asap as im heading to the track this thursday. Has anyone had this problem before? quick fix tips? Cheers
  13. I could deal with a ranga as our nations leader FAR more than I could a lying slime ball cockhead. Still dont understand what it is K Rudd did that was so bad?! Other than indirectly and unintentionally burn peoples houses down..

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