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  1. Happy Birthday darios typhoon!

  2. Happy Birthday darios typhoon!

  3. Happy Birthday darios typhoon!

  4. Happy Birthday darios typhoon!

  5. that's serious looking cams what is that special coating on the cams
  6. Happy Birthday darios typhoon!

  7. taleb tyres does them ive got the nt 05 and the nt 05r and they work really well.
  8. it uses around 35 % more than 98 ron
  9. have a look at your crank angle sensor
  10. e85 caltex bio flex im using it in my car and its fine at the moment its e85 until march then it goes to e70 for the cooler months my car is at 600kw and all good on that fuel methenol is better but has its side effects which is very corrosive eats all the alloy fitting and jells up very quickly so race only and then flush with unleaded ive used it it years ago in my wrx

  11. out of puff ? even at low boost they dont perform as well as stock ones so it not out of puff at 15 psi
  12. yes mate did plus 2 on inlet and zero exhaust lost bottom and top then went -2 on both and it held the top end for a bit longer past 6000 rpm but no extra power and it lost bottom end from the inlet cam being on -2 so I put it on 0 on the inlet and that was the best it could do the next week I put the standard bf cams and vct gears back on and it went straight to 490 kw at the same boost heaps better bottom and peaked at 6000 rpm better mid as well stock bf cams worked the best with the turbo combo that im using those other cams in my opinion are crap they do nothing .
  13. im using b&m trans cooler with thermo fan and built in thermostat you can them from rocket industries there are 2 sizes to choose from no the thermostat will be on the trans cooler not in the gearbox
  14. as for the trans heat exchanger that's for heating the oil when cold start up but doesnt cool efficently enough with a lot more power and with a performance car ive used a trans cooler for a while now and no problems if the oil gets to hot it will burn and break down and clutches will burn so the cooler works well .
  15. if your worried about warranty dont do anything to your car

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