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  1. Happy Birthday FPV GUY!

  2. Happy Birthday FPV GUY!

  3. Happy Birthday FPV GUY!

  4. Happy Birthday FPV GUY!

  5. No Dramas mate, It was good to see you again Cheers Steve
  6. Thanks to all the Guys & Girl who came out for a cruise. The Gong put on a half reasonable night for us. I hope everyone had a good time. We'll do it all again soon Cheers Steve
  7. I.B Hope you can make it. I hate those damn unannounced Relos!!!! Cheers Steve
  8. Senna, It's on the corner of Shellharbour Road and Lake Entrance Road in Warilla. Call me on 0403 030 309 if you get stuck Cheers Steve
  9. Hey Bionic, I don't know which Macca's you guys usually go to. Do you know Shellharbour at all??? Warilla is probably 1 or 2 suburbs over. If you need some directions or address details call me 0403 030 309 Cheers Steve You might remember me from the Bathurst cruise ( Ego T with 20" Rims and Redwalled Tyres )
  10. How about we meet at the carpark at Warilla Maccas at 7.30. Steve
  11. Anyone up for a cruise from Shellharbour down to Kiama and then up to North Beach tommorrow night??? Cheers Steve
  12. Count me in on a cruise aswell, I live in Shellharbour. Would be good to go for a blast with fellow T owners. The only real drama is getting the time off to do it. Cheers Steve
  13. I'm Definantely in, See you all there!!!!
  14. The damn paint on the road induced wheelspin, it was unintentional.... I swear I think DBOSS had the same problem too. Great cruise guys, can't wait for the next one Keep the pics and vids coming
  15. Hey Guys thanks for a great cruise. It was my first cruise event plus first visit to the mountain and certainly not my last. I think I clocked up about 15 laps of the mountain. Sorry we piked early from the RSL, but we went back to the museum for a thorough visit and then on to some more laps of the mountain. Got back to the Gong about an hour and a half ago. See you all next time

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