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  1. Happy Birthday 06TXR!

  2. Thanks mate. Will the fit the utes?
  3. Hi guys Looking at getting some replica GT rims with staggered fit for my FG GS ute. They are only available as a 19x9.5 +40 offset for the rears and 19x8 +36 for the front. From what I understand the 40 offset will push the tyre out about 15mm and in 23mm. Is this ok for a ute & will it look funny as I have been told utes need something like a 30 offset which will push more of the wheel out. I assume it will not look that much different than the OE rims and tyres? Will wheels from the GT-F fit better?
  4. Happy Birthday 06TXR!

  5. Happy Birthday 06TXR!

  6. Happy Birthday 06TXR!

  7. Happy Birthday 06TXR!

  8. Ended up calling Bryan Byrt Ford and had a chat to the service manager there. Told me to bring it in and they will have a look and seek approval for warranty. The leak was the timing cover and front engine seal. Complete coverage under warranty. Gotta be happy with that... To be honest, they would have to be the easiest and possibly the best dealership in SEQ that I have dealings with. I just wish I bought the car from them. Selling dealer put a big gouge on the front bumper at the first service. Was on holidays and took the car to a closer dealership for the 30k service only to be called a lier by the service adviser with regards to... you guessed it brake shudder... BBF offered to fix the brakes when they were doing the centre bush. I declined and fitted cross drilled and slotted. Def buy my next falcon from them!
  9. Noticed a smell of oil burning last night and went to investigate. Found oil leaking from the RHS of the engine. At first I thought it was leaking from the turbo drain line to the sump, but on further inspection, found it was coming from further up. Pulled the front half of the turbo shield off + power steer pump and seen it was leaking at the front where the head / block / timing cover meet. Washed it all down and went for a run and definitely leaking from this area. Little disappointing having to do this at 47k & 18 days out of warranty and the car was / is never flogged. I had to do head gaskets on my EB and EL xr6, however both were in their late 100,000k. Would have thought that these problems would have been sorted by now. Is there an oil pressure gallery feeding to the head around this area? More likely to be the timing cover? If so, can this be resolved without removing the head? If the head does need to come off, how do you release the timing chain on these engines? Any other differences in removing the head compared to the SOHC? - cam phasers etc? Anything I should do to the top end whilst it is apart?
  10. Stupid question, but if you were to buy a new short motor / block etc from Ford, does it have a new engine number stamped into the block or do you stamp your original number into it?
  11. Had an opportunity to open the throttle up of my BFT - Transmission in "performance" mode (D on dash)2nd to 3rd gear upshift around 5900 rpm 3rd to 4th never happened nor did the the engine hit the rev limiter around 6100. Was watching the tacho waiting for the upshift 6000, 6100, 6200, 6300, 6400, 6500 and no upshift. Force the upshift - backed off and shifted into adaptive drive. I only did this the once and was lucky to also have a video of it. Has anyone else's BFT done this? Should I be taking it back to the tuner and asking WTF? In saying that, was of the understanding that we cannot modify the 6 speed auto software which would indicate this is factory?? It has never done it in adaptive drive.... Any thoughts?
  12. Browsed bits and pieces of that article as I got dragged around the supermarket this afternoon... The xr6 was definately a 6 speed in that comparison?? Didn't take that much notice. Standard fitment for the n/a xr6 is the 5 speed auto. Assumed it was as 5 speed auto I read it. We'll just have to wait to 4.0 meets direct injection. SV6 0-100 6.4 XR6 0-100 6.8 am I right??
  13. 06TXR

    Barra 220

    Hey xrt funny you should say that, mine makes the same noise at idle... I am not too fussed, remember my 351 making a simular noise at idle. Took it to Denmac Ford today as it is still on the tail end of the 5 year extended warranty for the carrier bearings in the differential and LHS door lock modulator. To be honest, I was going to have to whinge and whine about the diff noise. Nope. Both approved by Ford :)Hopefully the get it right as my EL XR6 had 2 replacement diffs and was on the way out again when I sold it to buy the Turbo. Anyway, goes back Monday for the diff Will ask about the engine noise then. How long have you had yours & how long with the noise? Getting any worse? Cheers!
  14. 06TXR

    Barra 220

    hey all Relieving my turbo from towing duty and have taken delivery of a 04 BA ute with the barra 220 5.4 engine with 68k on the clock. Love the instant grunt from stand still, but is over quickly and really lacks top end. I have some pacemaker extractors and xforce dual exhuast on the way to hopefully liven it up a little - Understanding it will never ever compete with the turbo. Has anyone here done any mods to the 5.4 3 valve? (ie capa flash, increasing rpm from factoy limit of 5250) Not sure I wanna spend large amounts of money (camshafts s/c etc) on it though as I would rather spend it on the turbo... The sensor in the sump on the RHS - oil temp?? Thanks in advance everyone for input
  15. Fitted a standard 92 degree thermostat. The engine is running no hotter than what it was with the factory "drilled" thermostat even towing double jet ski trailer. It is up to temp now in less than 2km vs 15km+ for the factory fit...

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