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  1. Happy Birthday mowya!

  2. Happy Birthday mowya!

  3. Happy Birthday mowya!

  4. Happy Birthday mowya!

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    Gas Conversions

    its the vapour system I think, initially it kept on stallin,average 6to 10 times in one day,kept on taking back and forth to the installer(VALUE SERVICE-KNOXFORD..GREAT PPL&GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE),still no luck, then I took it to PROGAS,they charged me around $300, but no luck,took it back there same story,since then been to PARNELL@LAVERTON,,second time they said BFseries has got some issues, they reckon techs from prins came to have a look, since stallings gone, but the idles very rough. Took it back there, too busy, gotta make appointment,so took it to VALUE SERVICE,they have moved the injectors around...........excellent, now it sounds like I m drivin a diesel.........no one cud fix petrol to gas switch kickback( every now and thenit flicks back to petrol and after 4 or 5 times then only, it goes back to gas)Since I bought brand new, I have almost 10 days had my ute of the road. I M SERIOUSLY THINKING OF PULLING THE SYSTEM OUT AND PARNELL DOESNT CARE CRAP ABOUT IT, I hope I have explained everthing..............oh yeah the motor is 4litre and its a 07 series 2 BF UTE..............
  6. hi, guys, I was told this is the best system suitable for my new bf ute,so I went ahead, since then , I had taken back everywhere but no one can fix it, even guys at parnell @ laverton also admitted that the system has problem with bf series. just wonderin if anyone out there with simillar problems

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