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    Just finished converting my XT Ute into a flat tray back: The tray frame itself is made from Steel and wood is Merbau Decking. All custom built and wiring is custom. Only thing I'm having issues with is the brake lights come on when I turn my headlights on because of the low voltage draw, tried Load Resistors but don't work. Any Suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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    that's always been the case, hence teh nickname of "fraud" lol... spare parts and service is where they make their money, not necessarily on new cars
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    Yeah, checking in from Florida here, I have done basically everything you listed, plus a mild port. But yeah SXES366, valve springs, OPG's and good fuel on a NA-T set-up. I'm hoping for 500 from my setup, But I have a forged bottom end ready and waiting, so I may just push it.... 😮
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    Ba bf. Straight swap. No programming. Just match high or low series. Don't worry about Keith he doesn't even work on cars.
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