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My 2010 XR50T Ute

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Guessing end of this week or some time next week.
Probably going to be the abs issue that will take more time. Will find out tomorrow.
Feeling pretty sorry for the work hilux though, been copping a hiding since the ute went lol.

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Got the ute back just before Christmas. 

Sounds great, drives pretty well, but due to the ute having other issues it didn't get a power tune done.

Had an accelerator issue causing it to cut power at approx 75% throttle and throw an etc code. Got it sorted now ready for a proper tune towards the end of January.


Joe got a decent video of it idling on the dyno before I picked it up.


Its not really noticeable in the video but the ute has got a fair bit of shake going on from the cams, certainly turns a few heads at the traffic lights.


Took it for a few runs through Mac pass and Jamberoo mountain road whilst I was down south for the break. Its definitely best handling falcon I've been in that for sure, doesn't have an issue with under or over steer with the tyres on it and the heavier coils in it work really well.


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Gonna make a few changes to the Ute over the next few months.

If anyone wants any of the parts below pm me and I'll work out when the parts are coming off the car and $$$.

FG manifold, tb elbow with bov & overboost valve, battery tray, 6 boost factory position manifold, gtx3582, nizpro dump, process west surge tank with dual 470s + lines and reg with billet rail.

Will be doing the intake side and fuel system first then the turbo side later on.

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Going to pull the intake manifold with surge tank lines and rail out this week/weekend.

$1600 for the fuel system. Consists of PW surge tank with twin 460s, turbosmart fpr2000, speedflow fittings and check valves to fit up to the PW billet fuel rail.

$450 for the intake manifold.

$400 for the TB elbow with turbosmart dual port 32mm BOV and Nizpro overboost valve.

Will put pics up in an add once they're out.

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Pretty much. Piping and BOV/overboost valve won't suit how I want it setup with the Plaz intake manifold.
The Process West surge doesn't have the fuel capacity for bigger power and the Plazmaman manifold comes with a new rail so the Process West gears going.

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I wish haha.
Just finding the current power level pretty average. I'm getting all the bolt on parts together and fitted up so there's no mucking around when a new motor goes in later this year. That's the plan anyway.

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