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  1. Fg Handling Improvement

    Not sure if this will help you. But my 2013 FG MK2 XR6t Ute handled like sh*t. It just would not corner under acceleration and back end would start to drift. Now I'm not saying I hammer around surburban streets, but when I get the chance. Hell Yeah. Anyway, I'd had enough so I removed the spare wheel. You know that heavy arse steel rim with the sh*t tyre on it that sits at the rear underneath. Took it for a good drive along same streets where it would'nt hang on and the difference was immediate. So I took out all that heavy spare wheel carrier and bought my self a mag wheel on Ebay to match my wheels for $100 in pretty good nick and got a new tyre fitted and now I have it in the back of the ute anchored with a tie down right up the front of the tub. (COG) Centre Of Gravity. This was a good cheap fix I also have kept all parts so easy to convert back should the need arise.
  2. Oils Aint Oils <Merged Thread>

    Always have a workshop manual. Even a Gregorys can help. And keep updating your tools. What worked great on early model cars won't work today. Save yourself some pain.
  3. Oils Aint Oils <Merged Thread>

    I have an FG MK2 XR6t Ute. Bought it new in 2013. Took it in for first service and they used the same oil they use in everything. Never went back. Did my Apprenticship at a Ford dearlership 76 to 80. Nothing has changed. Do it myself now. I use Nulon 0/40 oil and ryco filter. Changed the manual gear box auto fluid and illed it wth Penrite 70/75 with Nulon G 70 added and got rid of the stock oil feed line and fitted and Earls also got rid of the stock sh*ter and fitted a billet short shifter. My advice for what it's worth. Do it yourself. You could not do any worse than some wet back apprentice they put on your pride and joy.
  4. Help Deciding Wheel Offsets

    Do bigger wheels impact on speedometer readings and does it affect cruise control or any other systems? I would investigte before spending the hard earned paticularly on FG MK2 XR6t Utes. They can be a tad sensitive in some areas. Just saying.
  5. Engine Light On

    Had the same problem on 2013 XR6 Turbo MII FG. If I got stuck in traffic it would go in to a limp mode. I would have to pull over turn it off and wait a moment then restart it. This was how it was until it got progressively worse. Kept taking it back to Ford under new car warranty and of course they could not fault. Then it went into limp mode and the engine light came on and again Ford could not fault. Until all the planets aligned and I was driving past the Dealership and stopped at the lights when it all happened again. Drove in left it idling in limp mode with engine light on and got the Service Advisor to come out and witness it. They had it for the whole day and when I went to pick it up the same Service Advisor told me they couldn't identify the Error Code and were waiting for 'Feedback' from Ford. When I started it up I notice straight away that all they had done was increase the idle speed. Lying Mother F%#@ers. Bought and replaced Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) all good now. Have a look at that Grellow.
  6. Hi guys, Bought a brand new XR6 Turbo 6 speed manual ute in 2013 and it's had that clunk from new no matter what driving conditions. Open road, Cruise control or pushing it hard makes no difference. Car is stock standard. Before I even touch the engine I will need to investigate and hopefully rectify this apparent design fault. Sorry just whinging but it gets me down sometimes. Such a good car otherwise.
  7. Earls Filter Fitted...with A Difference..

    Hi Guys, Just wondering where you got the right angle piece from. I fitted an Earls yesterday to my fg mk2 and used Aeroflow Stepped hose seperators. Does not look bad but not as tight as I had hoped.If it annoys me enough I may remove and use cable ties. Part Number 156-07-09R.
  8. Fg Service Questions

    Hi, Bought my 2013 FG mk11 turbo Ute from Victory Ford and they put in on 15,000 km service 5w 30 Castrol. Out of new car warranty end of year.
  9. Modding Your Fg Xr6 Turbo

    Thanks mate.
  10. Ford Falcon FG XR6 TURBO MKII
  11. Modding Your Fg Xr6 Turbo

    hey has anydody tackled the factory oil feed line to the turbo on a fg. and if so what did you use.
  12. Known Issues Fg Xr6T

    Shifting up and having to backoff and shifting down it clunks. Only time it does'nt is when I give it a boot full. Quick way to do the licence.
  13. Known Issues Fg Xr6T

    Hi, I have a XR6 Turbo ute Manual 2013. is anyone familiar with or experienced a clunk everytime you change gear. Sounds like tail shaft or diff. It really gives me the Sh///ts.
  14. Fg Xr6 Turbo Mii

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. The car is stock and I live on the coast border N.S.W and Q.L.D. I have a good guy here who does Dyno and VCM Suite. He is pretty good and honest. Once the car is outa new car warranty I'll take it to this bloke but in the meantime have to put up with it.
  15. Fg Xr6 Turbo Mii

    HI, Does anybody ever have trouble with error codes coming up on the dash. For instance CHECK ENGINE followed by a loss of power and only seems to rectify by turning the engine off and then restarting and most recently the ENGINE MANAGMENT LIGHT has come on followed by the CHECK ENGINE and a radical loss of power.Still under new car warranty the Ford DEALERSHIP could not find a fault 12 months ago when this issue started and as this has continually gotten worse. I took it back on Friday 11/06/15 at 8am and got it back at 4.30pm and was told by the Service Advisor that they were unable to fix it even though it went in to error on there diognostic equipment.So now it idles at about 700rpm and when I stop it climbes up to 1000 rpm before settling back at a high 700rpm. It seems to me that the idle speeds have been increased so as to hopefully prevent further error codes from accuring. The Service Advisor advised me that an internal HOT LINE to FORD had been contacted and that they were waiting for a response by this Monday 15/06/15 or Tuesday at the latest.Just on the side I recieved my vehicle back in what can only can be decsribed as a total lack of regard for a customers car as I have had to wipe down all the greasy hand prints on the interior and exterior of the vehicle rewash and vacum.I know this may sound petty but I did not take it in there in that condition.I feel as though they have brushed me off and feel I will have pay someone with vastly more knowledge than my local FORD DEALERSHIP if I ever hope to resolve this issue.

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