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  1. that's some quality parts there man, similar to mine except I have under battery intake, I would love to do the race air box and battery relocation like yours thou. Also been thinking about the throttle body re-location as well , improves air flow and looks so neat. Great work you must be a happy man with the end result, congrats.
  2. Good result, whats on the mods list to get you there?
  3. Great looking wheels I say, ive got em in the silver 20 inch on my bf11 but they came with the car.. I would get 19 inch for the rubbish roads were lumbered with , to harsh if their any bigger and less chance to damage anything.
  4. Well done with your ute a lot of hard work and effort there, it will all be fun and games for you then, congrats.
  5. Hey guys interesting topic this one, just my two bobs worth my bf11 makes 400 rwkw on e85 and 372 rwkw on bp ultimate with an in tank 460 walbro and Bosch 1000cc squirters and no issues at all. No surge tank used, tuned by Joe @ cms.
  6. That's a Fantastic looking car, love that colour and a great effort on your behalf . Beast of a car.
  7. Hey boys , not 100% about the actuator Joe thinks its probably standard. When I change the cai and go back to have the tunes checked might see if it needs a bigger spring. Apparently when GCG done the turbo they told the old owner that it didnt need changing and it looks pretty new to me but maybe it needs upgrading . I might even go with a 0.7 housing and bigger wheel as in GTX 3582r style. I think the boost figures of 13 psi for e85 and 14 psi for bp 98 are obviously conservetive and that's another reason I think maybe the actuator is stock.
  8. What they both said, you wont be sorry.
  9. Wow that's a real neat example of ford muscle , credit to you man same wheels as mine only mine are silver, credit to you congrats.
  10. Hi forgot to mention car is a 6 speed manual with hurst short shift and Direct clutch services billet twin plate race clutch and billet flywheel, really street friendly NOT.
  11. Ok cool thanks for your help now I got it.
  12. Yeah it was , when I got it the ethanol tune had not long been done by the guy I bought it from as were the mods their all only recent . I was really happy with it and naturally went back to Joe for the 98 tune a couple days ago. He was very happy with the results and thought we could get a bit more by doing the air box so I probably will. Both tunes are quite safe according to Joe, not a lot of boost there. Are you happy with the oddesy set up?
  13. Hope this works,http://s347.photobucket.com/user/hjdbrewing/library/?sort=3&page=1
  14. Thanks guys will put some pictures up in a tic just working on it, I am looking at a air box and battery relocation but still not sure which way to go . Oddesy battery or in the boot , think I like in the boot.
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