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  1. New update. Ford replaced all rear different bushes . Two were split ! But vibration still there. I rebuilt transfer case had worn bearings and chain .Even fitted BMW x5 Trans bush. But you guessed it vibration still there..Any more ideas out there?...
  2. The ute is standard height , and I,m running bridgstone RE002 on 19" rims The tyres were a big improvement over the originals. The springs are the originals not sure on the bilsteins but it is a firm ride. I'm thinking of getting rid of the urethane bushes and changing to an adjustable shock Koni gas . The front swaybar is adjustable so I can put on a softer setting.
  3. How do I get these utes to handle!! My old ba xr6 ute handles better than my new fg f6 fpv Ive fitted whitline bars front and rear the previous owner fitted bilstein shocks front and rear and urethane bushes in the front which ive never been a big fan of , NSW roads arn't very forgiving . Ive had wheel alignments good and bad but still the thing wants to wander on rough roads!! Id like to change the caster settings but can,t fing adjustable arms. The ute doesn,t want to turn in corners well. Has any one been able to improve these ute's in the handling department....
  4. Just an update on our ttg vibration Replaced the third bush in front diff ,what a pain that was, Vibration still there. The car has 275,000 km now on it, so hopefully something will present itself soon.Also replaced turbo oil fitler to stop oil light coming on . overhauled turbo and powersteering pump. As I said before both engine mounts are new so im all out of ideas!!
  5. Nice hit. I,d go through insurance because cost wise you need the bottom incert and top grille surround and that/s without checking damage behind the bar ,probably the reo bar behind is bent also. These bars and there other parts aren,t cheap . Ask the panel shop for your old parts back as the bar its self can be repaired and resold...
  6. Hi there. I carried out this conversion on my old ba xr6 ute and also on my fg ute. I found I only needed the premium icc and its bem .the Lh mirror and harness the actuator and harness and the duelzone rods. the other sensors arn,t required unless you want the auto headlights feature .but you will find the harness wont connect to the sun sensor. The icc regulates temp through the front panel of the icc. The him module is also not required as your original can be reprogrammed by for to run in duelzone mode.your him also has a socket to plug the Rh actuator harness in.The new mixer shafts fit your existing heaterbox .And the Actuator fits Rh side with 2 mounting screws/harness runs behind the top housing and plugs into your Him module.You also need to run 2 extra wires from The body harness plug that the LH mirror harness to a second plug behind the LH kick panel .I used wires from my old LH mirror harness just untaped them and backed out the terminals.They will clip into the plugs I mentioned.these wires are for the temp sensor and will get the readout to operate on the icc. Hope this helps...
  7. Cool thanks guys, Ordered 4 off ebay 8.50 ill convert a mates also. One more question has any one fitted lights into fg window switch ? I have an fg ute.
  8. Does anyone know what size globe fits fg ignition key surround? ie T3 T4 I want to fit a blue led to mine.
  9. Might be connected to intake manifold vacuum port ! or solenoid near computer hard to makeout from photo.
  10. Replaced engine mounts allready by ford in march this year. Vibration is allways there from 65km through to 110km under load.stopping and starting does not make any difference. The vibration is getting more severe so hopefully something obvious will present itself soon...
  11. Ball joints replaced by ford recently ,at least I didn,t have to pay due to a recall on them.
  12. Rear diff bushes have been replaced, I suspect the transfer case only because of chain wear but transmission shop said it wasn't causing the vibration. so I,m back to square one!! The car has 280,000 on it and a great car to drive. 12 months ago this vibration started and it,s driving me Nuts!! I just put 4 new tyres on it . Surely someone has experenced this issue.
  13. Yes wheel nuts are tight and transmission mount ok.
  14. Can anyone help! Our territory has developed a vibration underload from 60k through to 110k its been to ford and had new enginemounts front diff bushes fitted. Ive put driveshafts in it new hub and bearings. Its been back to ford and had 2 more sets of driveshafts fitted and intermediate shaft fitted,both tailshafts balanced.The driveshafts are non genuine and ford reckon I should try new ford driveshafts but the can,t tell if that will fix the problem. Has anyone else had this issue?
  15. Hi guys, I have the same problem with my f6 ute! I'm currently working on fitting a footrest from a vy clubsport only because it matches the sports pedals . I will take some photos when it,s completed.
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