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  1. Anyone tried the Superpro front sway bar for an FG.? (RC0051F-33). Looking at putting one on my F6 along with the rear whiteline bar I kept off my BF F6. Don't really want the adjustable front whiteline bar. (Too expensive ).
  2. Yes I know it was an option, just wanted to see if I could find out how many got that option.
  3. I know it wont run.. should have said after a tune everything running OK. But I'm talking about the accuracy of the Avg L/100 & Inst L/100 in the onboard control screen, with different injectors installed.
  4. Anyone know if changing the injectors on a BF F6, to either the Bosch 42lbs or Siemens 60lbs will upset or change the accuracy of the Instance L/100 and Avg /L100 read outs in the control screen? Thank Peter
  5. Peter J

    Dba Rotors..

    Well I'm up for some new brakes on my F6, Thinking about these 2 DBA Rotors.... 4000XS or 4000T3 ? Anyone have either of these on their car ? Which one would you pick? Pros v Cons Cheeers Peter
  6. Yep, GJ Drivelines do both BA/BF and FG.. 03 97063166 speak to Matt.
  7. Yes used the suppied hose, added the right angle fitting at the corner of the rocker cover, but I also reversed the hoses. The short one now comes from the turbo not the fitting in the block. Ended up being the perfect length to the corner of the rocker cover as the photo shows. Cheers guys
  8. The Blue hose separators are ...Aeroflow AF156-05B or Pro Flow PFE 156-05B VPW.com.au 03 8405 9200 GJ Drivelines 03 9706 3166
  9. Ford factory recall has happened, for BF Oct. 07 -- March 08 I believe.. Anyway Ford came to the party and payed me back the full amount I out layed for the shaft... Well done Ford..
  10. A few photo of my Earl filter fitted on the F6, Changed a few thing around to neaten it up... What do you guys think? Peter.
  11. Hi Mate, have a look at my post.. http://www.fordxr6tu...ff-bushes-done/ and give me a call... Peter, 0418 338 005.
  12. Hi guys, just want to show you some photos of my 10.5" Full electric Roof DVD/Monitor, fitted by myself to my F6... It also gets picture from the front ASL DVD and the HD DVB Digital tunner up under the glove box.. Someone once said to me in a post here that "A roof dvd could not be fitted to a car with a sunroof" Here are the Pics... Anyone want some more info please feel free to contact me, Peter 0418 338 005
  13. Tool was made of 75mm solid aluminiun with a hole drilled in it, then a small bit at one end ground off with a bench grinder so it would fit in housing for the last little bit.
  14. Well after replacing the tailshaft a few weeks ago, I've done the Diff. bushes (all 3) with the Superpro units, Part no. SPF-3148AK & SPF-3232AK Cost of a bit over $200 trade. These are the comfort soft option. Fair easy if you have the right tools etc... Just needed to make a tool (about $10) to pull the 2 outside bushes in.. (See Photos) Drives very quiet just a tiny little bit of diff noise if you turn your radio off. Cheers Peter
  15. Hi guys, I have an "08" BF F6 Typhoon the other day the front part of the tailshaft decided to peel its self apart and snap clean OFF. Luckly I was only doing 30-40 kph, very little damage to the tunnel and exhaust. After getting the car home and removing it, I found that it had a crack in it and was probably there for a while as the inside of the shaft had rusted from WATER..also I could see clear evidence of where the crack started.. (See Photos) Car just out of warranty, Ford didn't come to the party so $1520.00 later for a new unit trade price from ford, fitted myself.. Nice Xmas present...NOT.. Anyone else had this problem? Cheers Peter
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