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  1. The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    Most pissed off post I’ve ever had to write. 2 days ago my dad got taken in an ambulance with shallow breathing and I high heart rate, was diagnosed with clots on the lungs, given meds and told he was going to be all good just needed to stay in for a while. Took the boys in that night to say goodnight even though he was still in resus, they didn’t wanna let me but I did. Went in to see him the next morning before work, he was chipper... ordered the Tv package for him and gave him a kiss. Two hours later he was gone. I got the call he’d stopped breathing and as I sprinted into the hospital a doctor grabbed me and whisked me into a room with my mum... I just kept screaming “no”. By far the sh*ttest last 2 days of my life. My dad was still working 12 hours a day, still being normal, we had been living with him and Mum for a week and a half due to the impending move and other than the laboured breathing for a couple days (which I’d been hounding him about) he was fine. I’m just beyond shattered and I feel like an empty person, my dad was my best mate and my hero. I keep waiting for him to walk in the door and say “hey pal”. My mum is beyond hysterical... her husband of 40 years is gone. I love my dad more than anything, he was all of our rocks and now he’s gone. I feel like we weren’t done yet and I’m still in disbelief. People always say nice things about the dead, but my dad really was the nicest person on the face of this earth. He’s give his shirt to anyone in need and often did. He would do anything to make me and my mum happy and always did. The amount of visitors and love we’ve all had is amazing and it makes you realise the impact he had on so many people. All of a sudden I’m now faced with organising funerals and estates and I thought maybe 30 people, but I’m thinking about 150-200 already want to come. I’m so thankful someone that amazing was my dad. I feel so empty but so thankful and fulfilled I got to have him in my life. Anyway... rant over... still pissed off.
  2. New Build - Home Renovations - Gardens - Garages & Sheds.

    Time for a [email protected] and fluff update... So to start from the beginning... about 18 months ago we decided we were outgrowing our house and wanted to purchase in the neighbourhood I grew up in for more space and proximity to the city. Then one day I came up with the idea of demolishing my parents house and building two, one for us, one for them. This is the Home I grew up in, it’s a 1920’s bungalow which has seen far better days and in a state of no repair. Mum and Dad don’t have the cash to fix it so basically we’re just going to live in a dangerous crap hole until they died. The house, as much as it’s old and farked, is our home. All of us have lived under this roof at some point. My grandfather owned it and raised my dad and my uncles and aunties here, then my parents moved in the day after they got married some 40 years ago, then Az and I lived here for a while too. It’s a big part of our family and something I’m going to miss. Well a few days ago, after 18 months of surveying, planning, designing and logistical nightmares ... the bank finally said yes to the 1.1mil it’s going to take for the project. We’re not going conservative, the homes were designed by me from scratch and some of the key features are: - full 2 pack kitchen with induction and gas cook tops, stone bench tops and window splash back, 2.5x2m island with all draws and built in bins and lighting. - fully equipped butlers pantry with double sink, built in dishwasher, breakfast nook and all custom cabinetry to flow into the laundry with fold out baskets, ironing board and dog hutch. - matching 2 pack caninetry to the rest of the house with stone tops on the entertainment units etc - recessed toilets, gold tapware, inset sinks, feature lighting, hardwood floors, timber feature staircase, wine room, fireplace and 2.7 ceilings upper and lower levels. -giant master suite with open plan ensuite and a walk in shower room, again with 2 pack cabinetry and also matching cabinetry to the bedroom - Home office hub which controls all media and home automation with iPads throughout the house and then the kids retreats - huge alfresco and a backyard of 18m x 11m big enough for a swim spa and loads of grass for the kids and dog. That’s all I can remember at this point... but basically we’re pretty excited. Mum and Dad will also have a 2 story with the same features but a more practical layout. We are selling our place and currently living in the destitute house while it’s being sold. We decided it was too much maintenance to keep as a rental... so as soon as that’s finished were moving into a rental and knocking this old girl down. Here’s an example of the bathroom in it atm... I know it sounds funny, but I will miss this place and probably cry lots when it gets knocked down :( Over the next 12 months there will be loads of pictures hopefully posted and showing progress
  3. New Build - Home Renovations - Gardens - Garages & Sheds.

    I’m a grumpy cow... I hate everyone ... so it suits me well LOLOLOL It stems from [email protected] sleeping in the centre of our king bed and me having about 40cms area to sleep in lol then plus two boys on the bed who sleep sideways.... I just wanted at least some room for me hahaha
  4. New Build - Home Renovations - Gardens - Garages & Sheds.

    Ok so [email protected] and I spent a truck tonne on our king mattress five years ago... not worth it... hasn’t faired well at all... so decided we wanted to go super king and got an ecosa mattress as a gamble.. best sleep in five years But Bed linen for super king beds... $350 a sheet set fml Then of course I’m a girl so I want a couple nice quilt sets and throw pillows and rugs and accessories ... long story short .... poor [email protected]
  5. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    I’m an old bag these days and much more calm, I actually don’t mind ya now BCB LOLOLOL
  6. What Made You Feel Good Today

    I wouldn’t let him... we all love $ but I love him more (vomit I know)... but we’re like best mates... we struggle with a night or two apart when I have to go for work, let alone weeks. I need my sidekick [emoji1305][emoji13][emoji23]
  7. The Off Topic Thread.

    Got 4 of them and a sweet car... what’s your excuse [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]LOL Na to be fair it doesn’t drift, but it tows things that do
  8. The Off Topic Thread.

    Best car I’ve ever bought [emoji1305]
  9. New Build - Home Renovations - Gardens - Garages & Sheds.

    I know I was in vic last Monday but sheesh there’s much more important sh*t I can do in Melbourne than go anywhere near keifs bedroom LOLOLOL Pix I was about to post the same thing. Thread count is BS... it’s about the material and personal preference with feel.
  10. Whats On The Menu

    Cauliflower pizza With capsicum mushroom, pork, kransky, spinach, bocconcini and then freshly grated Parmesan after ward
  11. What Made You Feel Good Today

    Except we’ve just broken ground on another one so it’s all gonna happen again[emoji23]
  12. What Made You Feel Good Today

    No Work.
  13. What Made You Feel Good Today

    Jets such a liar.... I asked him to get in the shower so I could do that an hour before he found that poem.... I’m not even kidding. Sorry freaky. Seriously wmmfg is the end of this week as of tomoro arvo... I am too tired to even describe the special kind of hell this week at work has been, second to last week before hand over and end of construction, and I’m over it. 61 flights of stairs climbed by 10am Tuesday morning... then came the rest of the week... 5 days and 54 hours of just slogging my guts out physically and mentally... everyone wanting answers and needing to be in ten places at once. Wmmfg is I bought the whole site lunch Wednesday to say thanks for putting in the extra hours and helping with random tasks that I needed some bigger muscles for or a bigger scissor or forklift.... Next day... the boys all turn up randomly in my office at lunch time with lunch for me to say thanks... and literally there’s no task I’ve asked them to do they’ve even battered an eye lid even if it’s not in their scope... I had two sparkies lifting trolleys off pallets to help me out today without me even having to ask. Actually gonna miss all the stinky little grommets when this A hole of a building gets finished. Hahaha
  14. What Made You Feel Good Today

    ^this Jet and I are still like best mates. Yeah we disagree sometimes, but we never go to sleep angry or without telling each other we love each other and to be fair it doesn’t happen often. Having similar interests helps. We tune cars together, we drink at the pub together, we laugh at the same shows, we play golf, we go for walks, we have an abundance of date nights, we enjoy most of the same stuff. It’s like hanging with my bestie most of the time. We’ve had a lot of really hard times (through no fault of our own) and I think it’s made us stronger than ever. We still laugh like we just met and we still know how to make each other crack up, even at 2am when we’re exhausted from waking up with kids, we will still lose our sh*t laughing. He kisses me on the forehead and tells me everything will be ok when I’m lost, and he tells me every day that he loves me and he thinks I’m beautiful. He orders me flowers for no reason, even though I don’t expect them and I still make him sandwiches and a cuppa and take them down to the shed when he’s working. I think if u truly love each other then you will always just care enough to do those little things. Like tonight I’m exhausted after a 12 hour day on site, still project managing our builds on the side, finding somewhere to live and renovating another house, and he has made us dinner and got me an icy water as soon as I walked in the door and some clean towels so I could jump straight in the shower. I got a catch.... I’m very lucky. We’re coming up for our 10 years soon and I can’t believe how fast the times gone And I still find myself trying to ditch other things just to spend time with him.... we actually want to be around each other as much as possible. Ps... also having secs a lot helps too [emoji6] sorry freaky I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk

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