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  1. .7 plug gap but you are going to hit more problems with overboost with that exhaust. Ported turbo and retune will be needed.
  2. Hi and welcome to the forum. Just a quick question, How long ago have the mods and tune been fitted and done on your car?
  3. Welcome back, You may as well do the head studs and new valve stem seals and your done.
  4. Correct,
  5. Very nice.He must be happy with the finished product.
  6. The Repco packaged unijoint for the falcon is actually supplied by Hardy spicer for them at the moment. Next month or year it may be procured from elswhere.
  7. When you say you replaced the fuel sender are you talking about the pump module or the actual sender unit ? Many people have confused these two items.
  8. More pics would be good too Ralph if you could please.
  9. There must be some difference. I am pretty sure the bf will flash alot quicker than the ba ones iirc.
  10. Fix your ignition key and barrel first before you start chasing your tail.
  11. Hi molch, sorry for the late reply but I have not been on the forum much lately. Ended up porting the housing and mainly in the area leading up to the port itself and blending the entry.At the end of the day it was much better but still not how I would of liked. The turbo itself performed very well but was a pain initially to set up. If I had to do it all again I would just go the garret gtx or std turbo with a billet wheel.
  12. Lol, You have definitely have to much spare time on your hands. Go tune something.
  13. Nice job as usual Tony. How does it drive with that setup to other setups and turbos that you have run previously?
  14. Thanks for posting up the part and the fix norrs. There will be a lot of guys with fg models that will be happy with this info.