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  1. Fg f6 ecu issue?

    The only thing is that when the car idles and its on 5 cylinders when the injector wire is earthed at tbe ecu end the injector will pulse and the car will sound like its Running on 6 cylinders for a split second. Very weird
  2. Fg f6 ecu issue?

    Checked it at the wire for that cylinder at the wire that comes out the ecu checked it about 5 cm from ecu conector. Striped the wire and when you touch a wire to thed striped wire and the chassis the injectort will pulse
  3. Fg f6 ecu issue?

    Wont name the workshop, just incase sh*t dont turn out. But they have done plenty of fords and a couple of 1000hp barras
  4. Fg f6 ecu issue?

    Have my fg f6 at a reputable workshop. Getting tuned with hp tuners the car idles perfectly but when they go to run it on the dyno at 2500rpm the ecu sh*t itself. The 5th cylindre is dead the ecu doesnt seem to be pulsing the injector when the injector is earthed the injector pulses, the coils are all fine. Swaped another ecu got it reflashed by ford to suit the car and now the same issue occured while the car was getting tuned. What could be causing this issue

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