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  1. Jonny tig VS 6Boost exhaust manifold

    Only just saw this thread. My territory had a very similar power curve (linear) but only after we had the turbo ported and flowed... turns out the flapper didn't close fully. Took it off and took it into MTA and he straight away showed me the problem.
  2. FG Heater Playing Up

    I was of the impression that the whole dash had to come out, but I recall reading somewhere that someone had found a way to do it without removing the whole thing. Do you remember what it cost?
  3. FG Heater Playing Up

    So the F6 has dual zone and the drivers side heater works, however the passenger side blows cold air. After doing a search I believe its the Heater Rod & 'possibly' not a dash out job being an FG. Is this correct & if so does anyone diagram how to do it.
  4. Fuel pump upgrade

    Keep an eye out for the new Walbro 520 (F90000285) fuel pump to land in Australia. Aftermarket Industries have be spruking them. Physically, the dimensions are exactly the same as the Walbro 400 series of fuel pumps including the supporting accessories (filter/harnss). This is quite a technological achievement for TI Automotive and great news for the entire performance market: a pump that flows 100+ lhr more (@ 80psi) utilising the same body.
  5. 2 Wheel Transport...

    Lorenzo can win 3 more... However Phillip island will be a Marquez masterclass, with Cal and Jack battling it out for 2nd. Rossi to win the last round.
  6. 2 Wheel Transport...

    I think Dani will move to a test rider role with HRC.
  7. 2 Wheel Transport...

    Miller won't be too worried... He's been promised a GP19 next season, so he should be on the same machinery as the other 2. I'm keen to see Juan Mir make the step up and take the other Factory Suzuki Seat, I would have liked to see him at Honda.
  8. Haltech Falcon plug & play discussing thread

    Will be interesting to see how it goes. I'm keen on it for a number of things... especially now that I'm planning a build but using the standard harness, will it really be that much better than a product like PCMTec. I guess as with most things it will come own to cost and what each individuals tuner recommends / prefers. I spoke to them Wednesday and they said that BA/BF will be released late June, with FG in August... All pricing will be released end of June too.
  9. Just stumbled back upon this... Any news Brad @HI PSI?
  10. I'm Back... ?

    So to follow up on this... (digging up old threads lol) the first tune went a bit sideways. Tuner couldn't tune the cams with the specs from atomic. So we fitted verniers and removed the vct, then tuned them using the specs of the 4+ cams and it sort of worked, however we had no vac (couldn't drive the car in a carpark as it just didn't want to stop). The car made 370kw on 18psi 98, but wasn't quite right. I decided to trailer it to Forced in Toowoomba and after a decent chat with John, sold the atomic cams and verniers and put fg cams back in. They tuned it and it went 425rwkw on 18psi e85. The car's going in for some new bushes in the rear end, front wheel bearings/hubs, front rotors, and a service on the ZF in a couple of weeks which should freshen things up. In the mean time, I'm on the lookout for a cheap long motor to start rebuilding, too.
  11. I'm Back... ?

    The car started its life as a mates lease car, so only had Ford oil changes every 15,000km. I got the car at 80,000 and changed to Nulon and was doing the oil changes every 10,000. The lucky thing is the turbo oil feed line never blocked. Also switching to Penrite HPR oil now. I know that Stage 4 Cams are a bit overkill seeing as though standard can hit massive numbers, however I have blown one motor in my last XR6T, and would rather over engineer. ...and just ordered head studs too.
  12. The South East Queensland Chat Thread

    Been on the Gold Coast for about 18 months now... anyone here from the GC? Heres my my old girl on the tray 2 weeks ago to get cams, valve springs, and a tune.
  13. I'm Back... ?

    So, I'm BACK! I finally decided it was time to mod the old girl. I dropped my '10 F6 that has 160,000km on the clock into ASG Motorsports on the Gold Coast for Aaron to finish what I started, and tune the old girl. I did the following... Tog 4" exhaust 460 intank pump 1125cc injectors Plaz 1000hp cooler kit Plaz Cai Plaz Battery relo Ported exhaust housing 12.5psi actuator Hi-Flow thermo ASG did the following... Turbo Oil feed line Tranny cooler ZF steel pan and service Plaz HD valve springs Then we encountered a problem. My exhaust cam was rooted. The usual FG wear, so I decided to go Atomic Stage 4. We've had some discussion (aaron my tuner, and I) and seeing as though the car has 160,000 on the clock and we've put HD valve springs in, now might be a good time to replace the cam chain, tensioner & sprocket. Seeing as though the front cover needs to come off to do this, we're going to do the oil pump gears too. Whats peoples thoughts on anything else being done while it's apart? The only other thing I can think of was maybe head studs, in case I decide to push the power up in the future?
  14. Central Qld

    Im back! lol. All be it living in Yeppoon now and with a white F6. The Mrs 'wont let me' do any mods, to this car, after blowing the last one up haha, but... managed to a new set of wheels for the old girl, and some presonalised plates. I'll snake a cooler, injectors, fuel pump and tune eventually, lol. But I want to build a motor too, so it's save and do it right, or go for 380ish and just let her think she won.
  15. Self Restraint

    Guys I got my 2nd hand F6 about 3 months ago, and am slowly purchasing all my bits and pieces to start my build, lol. (I lasted this long, gotta give me some credit) The car came with a Plazmaman hotside and coldside piping kit fitted (the previous owner was wise to the fact that the plastics let go). So I'm exploring the option of... PW or Plaz 1000hp cooler. Turbo Side intake & battery relocation. Injectors. Thermostat. Fuel Pump. Hi-Flow Cat. My reason for not running the full exhaust is cost, and I'm not sure how far I want to take this motor, as I've blow one up before in a previous xr6t, and plan on a build while this car is still running. So by having the exhaust as a restriction, it allows me to buy the cooler and intake now, that I intend of having on the car at completion. I know the logical thing would be to leave this, build the motor, and do EVERYTHING in one hit, but that would be LOGICAL... So after all this jargon, can I do the mentioned mods, and restrict the power by leaving the stock zorst... 330-350rwkw would keep me happy while I built a motor over the coming days/weeks/months/years/decade

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