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  1. Nice. Force the trainer to ease up a bit.
  2. nobody said she was real...
  3. yeah, I meant specifically for those ridiculous things that people do to each other in share houses... You'll have to keep an open dialogue as to how you want things, I would guess.
  4. don't enforce the "my house; my rules" bs on a friend... that won't work out haha.
  5. How long have you been going?
  6. solid, Dan! Also, when I moved into a house with a previous missus, she had most of the stuff... I was totally fine with that. Next one, I had a fair bit of stuff after that original one when I re-stocked a little and she was NOT happy when we moved in together that we had to use most of her stuff to keep her happy, while my stuff got stuffed into weird places and paid storage haha. Women...
  7. morning all
  8. yeah, it's not live right now haha it was live at about 2am... my subscriptions on YT are sure to have heaps of high quality video coverage of the event.
  9. fair dinkum
  10. you're loving this new punctuation mark, eh, Nath? lol
  11. morning all.
  12. tell 'em to come to this forum's E85 thread... it'll definitely assuage their fears
  13. this isn't a technical diagnosis session it sounds great to me those who come on the snowies cruise can find out first hand how it sounds haha
  14. yep, there's sub phase on both the HU and the amp and it's definitely correct as switching it on either makes it sound weird. jealous? uwotm9-1?
  15. fair dinkum