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So the bug has bitten, and I've decided to sell my XR6T and get on to Two wheels.

Thought I was just going through a "that's shiny and looks cool I want one" stage but after around 18 months I can't seem to get away from the fact that I really want a bike. Everytime I see one go past I have to figure out what model it is and keep thinking about getting away on a cruiser...

I haven't got my license yet so I will have to start with a LAMS approved, thinking second hand GV650 Hyosung or maybe Suzuki SVF650 - who knows there are a million bikes for sale that are LAMS.

My issue is that I don't really want a small sports bike due to me being of "larger frame" and fairly tall so I'm trying to find something that is decent value and big enough

BTW, Henz' thread hasn't helped with his 883 and his old mans Vrod....

Currently obsessed with Victory Judge and High Ball....



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Excellent - hope you enjoy

Stay upright are excellent - you definitely never stop learning how to ride :)

I've never been able to go more than 18 months without a bike - once the bug bites it's impossible to kick :D

www.netrider.net.au is an excellent forum for bike related topics.

If you get a chance try to get a copy of Keith Code's "Twist of the wrist" book or video - excellent info on the theory and mechanics of riding (not just for experienced riders)

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Learner bikes are cheap enough but still stuck trying to sell it at the end. Do the courses, wait your 12 months and buy a Harley!

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nice one...

Having no real experience on bikes previously I'm staying on the cautious side and looking at something a little easier to handle and slower to learn on then upgrade later.

Like the Harleys but the Victory bikes seem to have some good reviews to match - I guess its a bit Ford vs Holden, they both do good things, but really at the end of the day the Euros and Japs do it better...lol

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Mate the CB400 is brilliant a mate of mine bought one (her first bike) and I rode it with her on the back last Sunday, it is brilliant, fuel injected, handles the twisties really well, very easy to ride and quiet as.

I miss my road bike, I have a dirt bike to take the edge off, but a new bike will be in the stable by the end of the year without a doubt. Do not I repeat do not buy a hyodung, mate of mine had a the head stem bearing snap while riding and ended up in the bushes. I have heard many a bad thing about them and not one good thing except they are cheap.

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You could've left the "her" out of it...lol

I was worried about the hyonsung name as well mate but honestly everyone I have spoken to that has ridden one is quite impressed - appreciate the feedback though

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Dont worry about a lams bike, just buy a bmw S1000RR,





Here's a video from eastern creek drags in March, 9.89 sec @ 256 km/hr, only mods are exhaust, air filter and power commander 5


On a serious note I have ridden a few different lams bikes and id personally go with the suzuki sv 650. I had a Honda RVF 400 when I was on my p's but it would be way too small for you by the sounds of it.

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Beautiful bike JET, pretty sure I saw you running it back in March, I was down on the line with a mate that was racing his car.

Not really into the sports bike thing yet - maybe that will change once I start riding!

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