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They are not in the north but they know their stuff with Falcons! I travelled an hour to have them work on my car +1 for Pitlane

If its only numbers your after then move to SA..

+1 for Pitlane ^^

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Vaz used Adictive.. I used Casey on my white BF when I had it. They tune aggressive so if you want that go for it. If not ask them not to, they have alot if quick cars, only last week me and MADTXI in his car were taught a lesson by a Expensive Daewoo Caprice Twin Turbo. Good blokes aswell.

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Thanks for the help guys.

It's my daily so I won't be smashing too much boost. A healthy 300kw should keep me happy I reckon.

I'm tossing up between pitlane or Casey. Mick seems awesome and everyone seems to be happy with his work so going to pitlane would be the safe option. But like pazzo said Casey are a bunch of good blokes too and I got my car serviced and did a dyno run there recently and was happy with their work.

Might go to pitlane for a chat and decide from there. Anyone know if they are closed for christmas?

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I've just purchased a FG Mkii with 6000 kms on the clock and want to get a custom tune to obviously get some more HP and also improve fuel economy. I live in Reservoir Vic and work in Dandenong and would be grateful for any recommendations on who to use in either the northern or south eastern suburbs? Thanks in advance.

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Have a look through the sponsors section to see what is on offer. I use Pitlane with great results, a lot of people use Nizpro with great results also. I would be looking at those before HPF.

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