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Ralph Wiggum

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  • Tampon inserted, Auto Acquired, next purchase a new handbag
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Already have a heat gun for vinyl wrapping.

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hundy is good, fleebay?

ok not super cool but got these thought id do em b4 the old ones had a spit $ 22 ea bargan


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yer bloosted wtf is that???

and dazz gimme some

I finally got My pre order Google 7 nexus one of the first in the country tech people will know what thIs is ;)

im assuming some phone or tablet thing


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Got this a few weeks ago. If you want something that will last get one of these, easy to get started and fly and I have crashed it into that many things and it still flys like new. My cousin had his like 15-20 metres up and it was slowly drifting into the neighbours yard so he cut the throttle, then tried to slow it down from crashing into the ground, but the top and bottom blades hit each other, the thing fell, broke into a few pieces. We put the cover and battery back onto the main body and it flew asif brand new still.. Not good when its windy and there are a few mods you can do to them too.. For ~$50 you can't go wrong.


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